Turning Your Health Challenge Into A Miracle

Health and disease from this realities point of view is always a challenge. There are schools of thought that you have to do it by faith, that you have to do it through science, that you have to do it by throwing a lot of money at it, that you have to fight it. That you have to do it… THEIR WAY. This is when it becomes a challenge, when it becomes hard work, when we take on the “have to’s”.

Just remember that if you go to surgeon he is going to sell you his point of view, that is you have to overcome the challenge by surgery. It is the same with everything else. This is where choice and awareness comes into play.

Anything where you ‘have to’ gives you no choice and you will carry out the task with out any awareness. This often leads to more ‘disease,’ more challenge. When you come from choice it will always create more awareness for you.

Remember when you were a kid and you ‘had to’ tidy your room, or had to eat your veggies or had to… what did it lead to? A tidy bedroom or resentment and more challenge.

The trick of an alchemist and health is choice! Not challenge. For example; does fighting against cancer actually work? No it does not! All it does in the long term is create more of the reality of cancer. That is, it creates more cancer, it creates more fear, it creates more drugs and it creates more of the business of cancer. And cancer is BIG business.

Am I saying just to give up. NO. What I am suggesting is something so radically different that 90% of people will not be able to read this as most people have bought the point of view that cancer is something to fear and something to fight. In fact most diseases are something to fear and something to fight from this realities pint of view.

Recently I had been fighting an illness and it just got worse and worse. At one stage it became such a challenge that my entire reality was dominated by it. I ended up fighting my friends, getting angry with my body, fighting my business and destroying my relationship. When I stopped making it a challenge and stepped into more vulnerability everything changed as if by a miracle!

What if you were the miracle and everything that came into your awareness from the choice that you made were the alchemists tools of choice to create seeming miracles?

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