Truth, do you like money?

When I was a kid I liked money, I would do anything for it. Not because it had any sense of significance but just because I liked the way I felt when I got it. My whole body would light up when I got money. My being would smile when I received money from anywhere and anyone. Later on, I learned that money was really significant and started to by the lies that money would make me happy, that you had to have money to survive, that money was something that was more valuable than being.

I started to cut off all the places where I had peace and joy with money and I slowly but surely started to eliminate my receiving. I am sure you all have similar stories with money. It took me quite a while to change those points of view and start to become clear with my financial reality. It is still an on-going play, it’s truly wonderfully as there seems to be no end to receiving.

Recently I heard Shannon O’Harra say how she used to despise money, could not understand it, and started to dislike money. Then she realised that this basic dislike of money was not creating more money in her life and was certainly not creating any peace or ease around money. She went on to say “If money isn’t easy for you, it’s because you don’t like it!” Wow, that really rang a few alarm bells!

Then I remembered the peace and ease and love I had with money when I was kid and I just knew that I could change my money issues now as an adult.

The first thing I did was to acknowledge what Shannon had said about not liking money. As I did that all that energy that I was using to pretend that I was cool with money when I actually wasn’t, was now available to me to start the process of change.

Second, I started to ask this question “What is my financial reality” (which I got from a money and Entities class that I did with Shannon.) I would ask every day and whenever I caught myself going into thoughts or feelings about money I would stop myself and ask that question. It took about 6 weeks before I started to get more clarity about my financial reality.

Third, every time I asked that question I would force myself to receive. Yup that sounds a little bit insane but for me it worked. I would force my barriers down so I could receive. The more I did this the easier it became and the more peace, ease and happiness start to flood my reality.

Receiving is not something that is taught to us as children. We are taught to separate, to put up barriers, to protect what we have, to hold on to our points of view…The type of forcing I am talking about is not tying me down and torturing myself to receive. It was more like an intensity of willingness to really be honest with myself and being vulnerable enough to look at all the good, the bad and the ugly without any judgment of me.

I ain’t gonna lie and say it was all roses to begin with. At first, I got sick as things started to shift. Then a whole bunch of interesting financial things showed up in my reality that sometimes just had me stumped. But I continued and started to flex my new muscle of receiving, honesty and vulnerability.

The rewards were so much greater than I could possibly ever imagine. Not only did I start to like money and have more peace and ease with it, I got to like me in the process!!! I got to be happier more.

I don’t know what your reality is with money, if you are reading this I guess you have a similar story, if you have changed that story then I am grateful for your willingness to choose something different that will create a reality beyond this this reality of unhappiness. And, for some of you, maybe you are in the middle of that change, and that is an exciting space too as you are really in the thick of it and you have to keep choosing, creating, being more of you than ever before. And If you are just starting out then you could be one of the luckiest ones because you have the possibilities of a new adventure right in front of you! If I can do it, I sure know you can! After all what have you got loose other than your dislike of money?

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