Top 5 movies about Entities

I love a good a movie and years ago when I started Access I had a facilitator that would invite me to the movies and we would make a commitment to watch it from infinite space. Afterward we would ask each other questions about the awareness we got form the movie.

For me the story of the movie is kinda of irrelevant it’s about the awareness and when I watch a movie from that space it adds to my life not just from and escaping this reality point of view or purely for entertainment value.

Everything in Hollywood is made made up so please don’t buy any of it as true. If you get caught in the emotion of it or resist any of it or align with it in any way you have just created a limitation.

I hope you have fun with some of the movies I have suggested below that can create more awareness around entities if you are willing to be in question.

Drop Dead Fred

“Where have you misidentified your capacity with entities as a disorder?”

Made in the early 90’s so be prepared for some bad acting! Is a comedy about a young girl that has an entity that is a trickster, who makes her do all sorts of naughty things to her mother. Her mother then has her medicated and the young girl forgets all about her capacities until later in life when she goes through a relationship bust up and invites the trickster back into her life. This movie is a great depiction of how we cut of our abilities as they are seen as a mental disorder.

The Lovely Bones

“Where have you misidentified entity communication as feelings?”

Which I may add was written by a New Zealander! This is one of my all time favs with regards to how entities and people with bodies can communicate. It also shows how  commitments to people still create our reality even when they become spirit. Want to communicate more clearly:


“Where are you resisting entities that desire to contribute?”

Yahoo an Aussie movie! If you think you are going nuts with entities wait till you see this movie! A psychologist finds out that he does not actually have clients with bodies rather he is facilitating a bunch of entities that all die in a train wreck. But who is facilitating who? What if fear about entities was just our misidentification of what they are trying to communicate. A great movie to look at the misidentification of entity communication. A handy loop to play:

The Vintner’s Luck

“What if you were willing to use
your capacities with nature spirits?”

Filmed in France, Belgium and New Zealand, The Vintner’s Luck (aka A Heavenly Vintage) is a tale of growing grapes and meeting angels. But it’s so much more than that! It’s about receiving form Nature Spirits, receiving in general and following energy. How many of you have capacities with Nature that you refuse? Here is a groovy clearing loop for Nature Spirits:


“What if those voices you heard in your head were entities?”

Not the movie but the TV series – It’s on Netflix. About a young man that has X-man capacities but has been possessed by a demon. He thinks he is crazy but some actually belive he is amazing! From an entity perspective this series explores mental disorder and Demons in quite depth. You may wanna have the entity clearing loop going on in the background when you watch this!

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