“I was blessed beyond when being fortunate enough to meet Liam Phillips in person at a “Being YOU changing the world class” in Mooloolaba. From that moment I was bathed in a space of such kind,caring energy and a heart and being full of generosity and the softest and most gentle touch.

I recently spent a week with him doing the Access Bars, Foundation & Level 1 as well as attending a Money and Talk to The Entities talk. Liam has a very YOUnique way of facilitating! He has a phenomenally magical ability in providing you with all the information that you require as well as chucking in that much more which makes it that everything more that each person is searching for. His ability to be vulnerable and talk about specific topics allowed me to access and work through deep parts of myself that I had shut off and never allowed myself access to, yet through his vulnerability I was able to feel perfectly safe. Allowing me to open up to myself like I have never ever done before. This enabled me to get through the blocks, barriers and limitations that were holding me back from me being the being that I truly be. As we worked our way through the class his sense of humor added to the essence of magic, allow us all to laugh time and time again. That in itself is a gift beyond all gifts! His facilitating abilities are rather mundane when I try and put ┬áthem into words and bring about any justifiable comparison, simply because there are no words that exist that would ever be able to do justice or ever even begin to start dreaming of doing his work any justice whatsoever, compared to the energy of his true being that he brings to the table and shares with the class. Throughout the class I was able to gain insight in a completely new way and was able to look at the things previously thought to be whats holding me back and pinpoint as to where I was cutting my self short and not allowing my true being to be! All while being able to dynamically learn the new tools as we progressed through the manuals being taught in a way that will create the greatest change. We spoke about many things even after class had ended for that day and was really inspired in so many ways, sharing our interesting points of views! If I could express my gratitude for Liam Phillips and for the incredibly spectacular and phenomenal being that he is I would, yet that would not be able to be done and put into words. A huge big expansive thank you, in all ways possible and impossibly possible! A true life changer in every which way, left, right and center, here, there and everywhere and WHATNOT!” Dylon Duncan, South Africa

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