Hands up if you have breathed? I have spent much of the last 15 years learning breathing techniques, and they are a fabulous way to unleash, energy and become more present with your body.

I used to do a breathing meditation called ‘Artishas heart meditation.’ Most western psychology will ask you to breathe in love and light and breath put pain and stress. The thing with that particular breathing is that you start to breathe out more pain and sadness, etc int to the world.

Artishas heart meditation is the opposite, it asks you to breathe in the pain and suffering and breath out light and love. The idea being that you can transform anything.

My point of view is that both techniques make pain and suffering a reality at some level. Pain and suffering are not real they are creations.

So here is my technique: Breath in consciousness breath out possibilities, breathe in choice and breathe out consciousness, breathe in being and breathe out caring.

See which technique is light for you, the one that is light for you is the one that is true for you in this 10 seconds.


CLEANSING – is it necessary?

I heard people talk about cleansing recently and one lady into yoga had done the salt cleans that I used to do and teach. After this she did a fast then she told the group of how, on the 8th day, her bowel movement smelled like pot and she had not had pot for years. She said “I thought the neighbors were smoking pot the smell was so strong!”

I bet you are going ‘wow’ about now, thinking may be you should try a cleans or a fast? What if it was not only our body that can be cleansed but also our point of view? You see your point of view creates your reality.

Interesting huh. The lady never once asked ‘who does that smell belong to?’ and yet she actually stated that she thought it was the neighbors. Was she so aware that she picked up the neighbors pot smoking and then turned that awareness to fit her reality and validate her point of view that cleansing is good for you?

Did she ever ask her body if it wanted to be cleansed? What if you could actually cleans your body just by the willing to let go of the point of view that is creating that reality for your body in the first place?

I look at things very different. What if you ask your body now “Body, what point of view am I holding on to that is destroying you?” And then destroy and uncreated everywhere you bough that point of view and ask your body to molecularly demanifest any where you have stored that point of view in your body.

And then may be your poop will smell like pot too. ha, ha.