3 Things You Can Do To Change Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There is plenty of information out there about IBD, the causes, the theories; medical, alternative, wives tales, miracle cures, diets, in fact every body seems to have their own take on it.

If you have Irritable Bowel, or Crohns or colitis you have probably looked at many of these. Some things work for and not others, some work for others not you.

Gets very confusing doesn’t it? One minute you think you have found the answer and then whack you are off to the toilet again for seemingly no apparent reason. You are following the diet, you are using the meds, you are reducing stress, you are doing all the right things, but all of a sudden … well you know what.

So lets look at the energy of people with IBD, there are a few simple things that can be done that can create a deal more ease for you and your body. Things that you can add to what ever you are already doing.

Firstly, how often when a flare occurs do actually beat yourself up for doing something wrong? What is that going to create? A fun filled day or just more angst? Give that birch branch up and stop making your self wrong, that is unless you enjoy it.

Secondly, your point of view creates your reality so be aware of what you are a saying and thinking. This works in brilliantly with the first point. If you think or say “I feel like shit,” then guess who is listening to you? Yep your right, your body hears and feels “shit” and hey presto guess what happens. Well you don’t have to guess because you know!

Thirdly, have any of you ever had a thought like “that car is going to pull out inf ront of me” or “the phone will ring” and it does. Believe it or not that is not a wrongness, that is an awareness of a possible future. Has any body ever acknowledged you as an aware being or is everybody trying to tell you what to do and how to do it and you should do their way? It can get very irritating. Funny that, since IBD is an  irritation or inflammation of the digestive tract.

May be you could ask the question “who is irritating me?” May be you’ll get answer, maybe it is you, may you won’t get answer. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you get to be more aware of how you and hence your body is functioning.

To sum, stop judging you or body as wrong, be aware that your thoughts, feelings and the words you use create your body and your reality, ask questions and always acknowledge when you are aware.

If this has been of interest to you then please  join me for a free teleclass in Mid September, what have you got to loose; your disease?