Four Tips To Create Magic

Recently I was on a radio show and asked to speak about magic. I had forgotten about the radio show and my alarm calendar did not go off for some reason and then I got this awareness to check my skype account and there was the radio host asking when I would come on. Magic!

I talked on the show by just following the energy and came up with these 4 tips that work all together to create magic. So here is my recipe to create magic:

1. Expand – do it now – don’t think of the how, the how will get in your way. Make a demand to expand!
2. Light and heavy – whatever is light for you is true for you, what ever is heavy is a lie for you in that 10 seconds
3. Ask and you shall receive – Yep it is buried in the bible somewhere ,we all know it.
4. Add all that together and ask what energy, space and consciousness can I be that will allow ___________ to show up?

It is that easy, but wait surely there must be more to it, surely we have to wait for the right moon phase, the right lifetime, permission…? Nope, just choose it, with out any expectation. Just choose it and every possibility that choice you choose will be downloaded to you. If it is light keep on choosing that if it is heavy choose something else…

It is easy. But you have to ask and it works better to do it from expansion than judgment. Every judgment destroys the magic you be. Stop judging you. Judgment is heavy (see step 2), it is a lie, it is not truly you. You are the magic, the smile, the lightness. Stop pretending you are not.

Start to acknowledge the magic you create. Make a list of all the magical things that have shown up in your life and acknowledge you created them. It was not luck, serendipity or fate, you created it!

Friend me on face book and tell me about your magic. What if we all started to acknowledge the magic we create, could judgment, pain suffering and gory really exist? No. Lets change it. You have the tools in this article, use them and tell me, I want to here how amazing you are. With out you there would be less magic. What if the difference you be is your gift not the limitation you keep making it? Don’t be small, be you the magnificent magical being you truly be and change the reality of judgment.