Three steps forward and three steps back

Do you ever feel like you are making 3 steps forward and 2 back? Or 3 forward and 3 back? Or 3 forward and 4 back? Using these tools will create amazing changes in your body and in your life if you are willing to use them. What I find is that people then plateau and they either stay there or appear to take a step back.

Every judgment about your body will destroy your body. People create with the tools that take them forward and then destroy them when getting wrapped up in judgments. The tool to use in this case is each time you catch that judgment is “Interesting point of view I have that point of view” You can say it three times or until it starts to lighten up. If you have no point of view you judgment cannot destroy your body.

Have a go for a week see what starts to show up and you will be surprised how easy it is to get out of the 3 steps forward and 2 or 3 or 4 back.

The speed of slug headache

Are you operating at the speed of slug? If you have a headache, or you don’t want to get out of bed, or everything just is plain wonky with your body, have you considered that you may be buying in to this realities point of view that everything takes it its time? Well perhaps you want to ask that question; “Am I operating at speed of slug?”

You see you are actually like a V12 Jaguar and you think that you are a beat up old VW on its last legs. That’s how this reality operates. When ever you start to shine like the highly buffed finished on a Jag and start moving at speeds that just scare the living bejesus out of people, along comes slug and shits on your paint work and tries to slow you down.

I got up today after week of yuck and today I had a mammoth size head ache. In this reality when you have a week like that what do people say to you, “You are doing too much, slow down, your body needs a rest.” Hell I don’t even have anybody around me like that and I was still buying that idea. I felt like a slug and didn’t want to do anything.

Then I asked “Hang on a minute is this mine, my body’s or somebody elses?” Not mine. Not my body’s. Ok, so I got up and started to move like the Jaguar and and revved up my engine and headache gone.

What are you going to choose, slug or Jaguar?

What if you never bought the speed of slug again and never listened to anybody’s point of view?

Get yourself to this tele call now! Your body needs it. Just click on the picture.


The Healing Process

Is your point of view that healing takes time? Is your point of view that other people can heal but you can’t? Is your point of view that healing is serious?

What if your point of view created the how, when and why you heal? What if you changed every fixed point of view you had bought about healing that was not working for you?

Here is a little exercise for you; get a piece of paper and write down every point of view, every belief, every feeling, every saying you have a bout healing. I’ll give you this one to start off with:

‘Time heals all wounds’

Now add to that, no matter how insane it sounds. Now take all those point of views that are not working for you and destroy and uncreate where and when ever you bought them. Do you feel lighter now or heavier? More expansive or more contractive? Lighter and more expansive right?

You are welcome to share this list on the blog

That is because any point of view that is not really working for you is a lie, it is heavy, it has a density to it. When you are operating from this density it is very difficult for your body to do what it does naturally, that is heal. If you shot for more ease, joy, possibilities, happiness, awareness, and fun you may just get a different result.

Are you demanding more?

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