Fifth element of healing is Gratitude

Gratitude is a beingness, it goes beyond human emotion. It is very expansive and when you are truly grateful you can not be in judgement. Gratitude does not require a reason or justification. Gratitude is being in total allowance of the beings in your life, that could be you, your body, another person, the planet, even a disease.

Once you have a moment of gratitude you can tap in to that energy over and over again. it is not some thing that can be taken from you, however you can choose not to be grateful. When you do this you are choosing unconsciousness, you are choosing judgement. This can often create pain and suffering in your life and in your body.

One of the things in becoming more aware is that you get to be aware of everything. You don’t get to say ‘I don’t want that awareness because…’, that is a judgement. This is where gratitude comes in to it’s own, you can be in total allowance of where you are, at the pain of the body, the suffering of others and still be grateful for being aware of all that.

Most people when asked what they are grateful for will give you a list of positive things, this is okay and is a good start, this still indicates that there can be a judgement holding that in place. A judgement that negative things are bad and positive things are good. Once you can be in gratitude for everything you will find that you have less and less judgements both of the negative and positive kinds. In choosing gratitude you can start to create more and more space for your body to activate the healing processes.

What tools can you use to invite gratitude in to your life? Who does this belong to ? And interesting point of view are 2 amazing techniques that you can use to open up to gratitude.

What else is possible?

What are you grateful for today?

Today I woke up with such a sense of joy in my world, and as the day unfolded I became more and more aware of the gratitude that I was showing up as. I started talking about gratitude on facebook and asking questions and… Oo, I am so grateful for you contributing to this blog. I am so grateful for the ease with which word press is showing up, I am so grateful to the amazing people I work with, I am so grateful for my body and the awareness it gifts me everyday, even when I judge the hell out of it, it is always there, always gifting to me. I am even grateful blower vacs!

I have been looking at this blog for a few days now and asking what shall I write as the welcome blog? What can I contribute to these dear, sweet souls and body’s that are seeking something different. And then ‘pow, wham, kapooie’ it was GRATITUDE!

So let me ask you a question: Are you grateful for YOU?

And if you are not would you be willing to at least consider that as a possibility to start showing up in your life?

So, here is a little tool for you to use over the next 10 days, every morning before you get out of bed: ‘What and who am I grateful for today?’

And you are welcome to share your gratitude here in any way YOU desire.

PS. Have I acknowledged just how amazingly grateful I am for YOU?