Did you know you can expand your access to consciousness with one very simple tool? You don’t have to visualize, or bow down to the sun or repeat any mantra. Just expand.

Are you and infinite being or a pile of do do? I am not giving you a choice here really you know the true answer for you. You think you are a human doing, but you’re not you’re an infinite being first and foremost and anything else is a contraction of that.

Steps to expand: There are none really, once you know the energy you just ask for it. Let me take you talk you through it and once you have done it you’ll know how to do it any time you start to feel contracted, wrong, uptight, anxious…

First just be with your body for a a few seconds. Coo,l now sense the outside edges of the body and then expand a few feet out, now a few more. As I type I am expanding. You’ve got it, keep expanding to the 8 corners of the room and now across your town and 100 feet in to the earth and now across and into the the whole planet. Now the solar system. Now bigger than the universe. It only takes a few seconds!

Now try and think. Or visualize. You can’t, because as soon as you do you have to contract. When you are expanded in this way thought, feelings and judgement cannot affect you, instead you get to affect everything by being!  I think you’re liking this. Watch out, another infinite expanded being!