Choosing Health

If you are wanting to make a change in your health or your life one of the first things you can do is make a choice to do and be something different.

I can show you a billion tools but unless you choose to use them they will not work, unless you choose for something to show up differently you will continue to do the same thing over and over again.

If something keeps showing up in your life then somewhere you are choosing it. To assist this change you could ask a question. One question that I may ask my self with my body is ‘what am I not being that if I would be it would allow me to receive from my body?’

Try it now, ask that question, you could do with money, with relationship with health… what ever. An energy will start to come up and you may start to perceive what you are actually not being and what choices  you are making from that.

We live in a free choice universe, if you get to see the movie ‘127 hours’ then you will see where this young guy who cannot move sees that his choices created his reality. It is a very touching moment. What if instead of going to that extreme you just start to choose something different now?

PS take a box of tissues if you see the movie.

The second element is trust

Most people when I show them how to talk with their body ask me how they can trust it. Most of the time you can totally trust your body. I mean let’s face it if you are standing in the middle of a busy road it is going to get you out of harms way, if you stop and try to think your way out of the road or grab a pack of tarot cards you will end up as a hood ornament. It’s not a question of trusting your body, it is really about trusting yourself.

Most people don’t trust themselves. They have not been taught to trust their own knowing but have been swayed by society to place their trust in thoughts. How often have you been to a reader and  been told the answer rather than been empowered to trust YOU?  How often  have you already decided  how you  would like things to show up. Most people lie to themselves to get it the way they want it to be. if you have something that won’t change then instead of trying to do the same things over and over again and fix it, you may have to change what it is you are doing.

Doubt and judgement are lies that stop you from trusting you.This is great to know because if a doubt starts to come in to your head you know it is a lie immediately, a trap ready to keep you in your suffering.

So in a nutshell; you know when you are lying to yourself when their is doubt,when there are reasons and justifications and when it just feels plain heavy.

Once you start trusting you then you can start to receive everything, rather than coming to conclusion.

The trust card often comes up when people are either lacking this element about themselves or when they think someone maybe tell them porky pies (lies) and hence they don’t trust them. But really it always comes down to your knowing. When you honour your knowing you will always trust you, and if you make a mistake then you can just choose again.

How can it get any better than that?

Fifth element of healing is Gratitude

Gratitude is a beingness, it goes beyond human emotion. It is very expansive and when you are truly grateful you can not be in judgement. Gratitude does not require a reason or justification. Gratitude is being in total allowance of the beings in your life, that could be you, your body, another person, the planet, even a disease.

Once you have a moment of gratitude you can tap in to that energy over and over again. it is not some thing that can be taken from you, however you can choose not to be grateful. When you do this you are choosing unconsciousness, you are choosing judgement. This can often create pain and suffering in your life and in your body.

One of the things in becoming more aware is that you get to be aware of everything. You don’t get to say ‘I don’t want that awareness because…’, that is a judgement. This is where gratitude comes in to it’s own, you can be in total allowance of where you are, at the pain of the body, the suffering of others and still be grateful for being aware of all that.

Most people when asked what they are grateful for will give you a list of positive things, this is okay and is a good start, this still indicates that there can be a judgement holding that in place. A judgement that negative things are bad and positive things are good. Once you can be in gratitude for everything you will find that you have less and less judgements both of the negative and positive kinds. In choosing gratitude you can start to create more and more space for your body to activate the healing processes.

What tools can you use to invite gratitude in to your life? Who does this belong to ? And interesting point of view are 2 amazing techniques that you can use to open up to gratitude.

What else is possible?

First element of healing intimacy – honor

Intimacy is a term often used to describe the relationship between people. Usually it is mutually exclusive, that is most people have the point of view that one can only be intimate with a limited number of people. If you the being did not have this point of you may be able to perceive where your body is actually energetically intimate with just about every body around it. Bodies are in constant communication you just misidentify some of this a disease or pain.

It is funny because though most people have the point of view that they can only be intimate with a few people they never have an intimate relationship with their body. Most people will judge their bodies to kingdom come, either it is right or it is wrong, and if the body talks to you with pain or disease we shut it up with drugs or complain about it.

Is there any honor in that? Honoring your body is not judging it and creating it as separate from you, it is including it in your life. Asking your body questions about body things is honoring it. Giving it time each day to be with out you pushing it or abusing it with judgement is honoring it. Listening to it and caring for it is creating more space to be vulnerable with it. The more you honor your body the more gentle it will be with you.

Treating your body like a sack of potatoes is not honoring. Throwing it around, lugging it about, not listening is dishonorable.

Please do one thing a day to honor your body, a simple acknowledgement of what it has to put up with from you would be a start, and then you could thank it would be another and then caressing it would be another and not stuffing it with other peoples opinions would be yet another.

But don’t do any of that, it may start to create the intimacy of healing and hell you wouldn’t wan to do that, would you?

What are the 5 elements of healing?

The five elements of healing intimacy are;


Over the next 5 blogs we will explore each element in more depth, in the mean time I can tell you this; no one element is any greater than the other and none are seperate. They are all linked to gether like the rings in the olympic logo.


One of the greatest enemies to healing is judgement. If we liken the elements  all working together to create superman with a great body, and lots of abilities, then judgement is like Kryptonite. The more you judge your body, the dis-ease it is in, the more crippling the effect.

The funny thing is most people want to get rid of negative judgements and hold on to their positive ones. Ouch, judgement is judgement, kryptonite painted yellow is still kryptonite. If you are in dis-ease I can guarantee their is judgement or piece of kryptonite some where near by.

When you use the 5 elements of honor, trust, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude, then the kryptonite doesn’t stand a chance. Oh and if you beat your self up because you just spotted your self judging then you have just judged you again.

Please be gentle on your self, on your body…

F*#% it I am over it!

F*#% it I am over it! Have you noticed that there is a lot of energy behind that? It’s because it is a demand. A demand is you choosing something different.

Most people in this reality come across this stuff and they think “oh that’s just like Reiki or meridians or being in the now…” No this is different. What most people do with new information and even awareness, is they try to configure it in to what they have already learned.

Is what you had already learned  working for you? If it was your body or your life would not be in the turmoil it is now.

So lets try a little experiment here and see if we can enhance some of that energy of comparison or judgement to transform things for you.

Those that are courageous enough can you now say ‘Fuck it I am over it’ 10 times.

Yes out loud.

Now that you have said it 10 times is your world lighter or heavier? (and refer to the light heavy tool in an earlier blog).

lighter right? That’s beacuse you have just blown a whole load of judgement off around that big bad naughty word.

Now you can start to make demands in your life, make a demand now. What ever it takes I am going to be and do some thing different and every time I slip back in to the familiar I am going to demand to change it.

The difference YOU be

The difference that you be is actually what adds to this world. Your whole life you have been judged for that difference. Many people learn to cut off from their awareness, and cut off huge chunks of themselves so that they can be the same, fit in to this reality and not rock the boat. What if you were not wrong for being different? What if everything you have ever been judged for was actually the difference you be?

In this cutting off from ourselves we create dis-ease in our life and eventually it  leads to the body physically actualizing that separation as disease in the body. Your body is not wrong for this. Your body is constantly readjusting the balance of living. What we do when we cut off from our awareness and make judgement bigger than us is that the body  has to deal with all the charge that is created by that.

It is like a computer. If your were to put more charge through a computer it will slow down or blow up to deal with charge. Judgments always have a charge. If we are able to stop judgment our body can readdress the balance of living a lot easier.

Curing the Incurable is not about throwing out what works but adding tools to what is working so it works quicker and easier.

What if you were always willing to celebrate the difference you be? Would that create a different reality with you and your body

Right Weight for YOU

What is the right weight for you? What if you did not have to compare your body with other body’s? What if you could be happy with the way your body is in any 10 seconds?

What if weight was a point of view and that you could change that point of view with ease?

Here are a few tips:

Did you know that your judgment creates your body? When your body hears your litany of judgement about how heavy you are that is what it creates. Every time you get on the scales you judge your body. Every time you measure yourself you judge your body as how right or wrong it is.

Did you know muscle is heavier than fat? If you are working out and creating muscle you need to be aware of this as it could appear you are putting weight back on. If you go to that conclusion your body will hear that and start to create that.

Gauge the amount of weight chang as to how your clothes are fitting and acknowledge the change with gratitude and if they get tighter ask what else is possible?…

The Healing Process

Is your point of view that healing takes time? Is your point of view that other people can heal but you can’t? Is your point of view that healing is serious?

What if your point of view created the how, when and why you heal? What if you changed every fixed point of view you had bought about healing that was not working for you?

Here is a little exercise for you; get a piece of paper and write down every point of view, every belief, every feeling, every saying you have a bout healing. I’ll give you this one to start off with:

‘Time heals all wounds’

Now add to that, no matter how insane it sounds. Now take all those point of views that are not working for you and destroy and uncreate where and when ever you bought them. Do you feel lighter now or heavier? More expansive or more contractive? Lighter and more expansive right?

You are welcome to share this list on the blog

That is because any point of view that is not really working for you is a lie, it is heavy, it has a density to it. When you are operating from this density it is very difficult for your body to do what it does naturally, that is heal. If you shot for more ease, joy, possibilities, happiness, awareness, and fun you may just get a different result.

Are you demanding more?

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CLEANSING – is it necessary?

I heard people talk about cleansing recently and one lady into yoga had done the salt cleans that I used to do and teach. After this she did a fast then she told the group of how, on the 8th day, her bowel movement smelled like pot and she had not had pot for years. She said “I thought the neighbors were smoking pot the smell was so strong!”

I bet you are going ‘wow’ about now, thinking may be you should try a cleans or a fast? What if it was not only our body that can be cleansed but also our point of view? You see your point of view creates your reality.

Interesting huh. The lady never once asked ‘who does that smell belong to?’ and yet she actually stated that she thought it was the neighbors. Was she so aware that she picked up the neighbors pot smoking and then turned that awareness to fit her reality and validate her point of view that cleansing is good for you?

Did she ever ask her body if it wanted to be cleansed? What if you could actually cleans your body just by the willing to let go of the point of view that is creating that reality for your body in the first place?

I look at things very different. What if you ask your body now “Body, what point of view am I holding on to that is destroying you?” And then destroy and uncreated everywhere you bough that point of view and ask your body to molecularly demanifest any where you have stored that point of view in your body.

And then may be your poop will smell like pot too. ha, ha.