Going beyond disease with humour

Humour is one those capacities that are integral to going beyond disease. I have spoken with many people who have gone beyond disease and they all have a keen sense of humour. Often it is the willingness to to laugh at themselves. One of the reasons why humour works so well is that it designificantizes the gravity of the situation.

When the body laughs it actually shakes loose the solidity of disease. When we go into depression or tears and the significance of the disease it tends to create more of that. If you are wanting to make it easier for you to go beyond you may like to watch some funny movies or read a few good jokes. What if you were willing to see the funny side of everything? What if you were to ask whats funny about this I am not getting?

What is wrong with my body?

what is wrong with my body

What is wrong with my body

Years ago I would write a lists asking what is wrong with my body? My thinking was this; If I list everything that was wrong with my body I could go through the list methodically and fix it.

I had no idea back then that was actually destroying my body. There is no creation lists of ‘what is wrong with my body’ only destruction. There would be only one time now that I would bring up those wrongness’s about my body and that is so I can be aware of all the judgements and decisions I have made about my body that are actually limiting it and then destroying all those judgements and decisions  and wrongness’s. That will leave me with a blank sheet so I can create with my body.

When you you always asking what is wrong with my body? you are actually seeing it a  something to fix and you create more of that reality not less. It is not creative, it is creation based on destruction.  Creation is  more about talking with your body and asking it what it could be and then shooting for that. And when it doesn’t show up the way you thought it would, do not go to the wrongness and beat your self up for never getting it right, but rather go into question and ask the body how this can be changed.

Okay so here is a little exercise for you to do. Write down What is wrong with your body, what we call disease or pain. Got that list now say to your self “I am now willing to destroy and uncreate all the decisions and judgements I have about all this!” screw it up and through it away.

Now get another piece of paper and write at the top This is how i would like my body to show up, then destroy any of those which are judgements in the same way. Yes even the positive can be judgements.

And then ask your body ‘What would you like to show up as?”

And then ask and “how can we create that?”

Now you can actually start to create your body with out judgement and include your body in the decisions you are making for it.

It is not asking what is wrong with my body but rather acknowledging what is right about it.




Fitting in to the box

“On my home planet I am considered short and fat” Now that might sound crazy but lets have a look at that. Are you fitting in to the box?

Am I really from another planet. Of course not, but what if you were? What if you came from a planet where over weight people were actually the norm, or tall skinny people were what was aspired to? Just because the average height of a person on this plant is 5 foot 10 and weighing 79 Kg does that mean that you have to fit those dimensions? Does it mean that you wrong if you are on either end of that continuum?

In the seventies it was the Twiggy look, in the Victorian age it was the voluptuous look. Now it is the fit and athletic look. Big boobs in one year, small ones the next, why? It wouldn’t be a way to keep you spending money on the latest fashions or the newest diet or…?

In the news recently Apple released their new iphone 5. It looks cooler, does more and of course they have changed all the sizes of the leads that fit in to it. It is brilliant when you up grade you have to buy all new leads. How many of you are in judgement about that?

How many of you are in judgement about your body? It doesn’t fit, it doesn’t work like other peoples, it is too old, to small too big, too… It is that very judgement that keeps you in the story that this reality sells you every day. When you judge it you create more of the right wrong reality.

What if you celebrated your difference? What if every day you asked your body to contribute to you in ways you could not even imagine?

if you do not judge your body , never make it wrong you can actually enjoy it!

Symptoms of colds, secrets to unlocking them

Symptoms of Colds And The Secrets To Unlocking Them

symtoms of coldsAccording to the mayo clinic some the symptoms of colds are: Runny or stuffy nose, Itchy or sore throat, Cough, Congestion, Slight body aches or a mild headache, Sneezing, Watery eyes, Low-grade fever Mild fatigue.

You are probably aware of that already. What do you do when these symptoms start? Most people immediately come to conclusion that they are on the down hill slide to a few rotten days in bed or may be a day of work or school. What if every one of those symptoms of colds were actually an awareness your body was trying to tell you?

It has probably crossed your mind occasionally that perhaps you should be exercising more, or you should be looking after your self a bit more, that perhaps your body is trying to tell you eat more healthier foods or you should take a brake from work. This article is not about that sort of awareness. This article is about really engaging your body and asking what the symptoms are so that you become more aware. The target is awareness not trying to fix what you have already decided is wrong.

The thing with with symptoms of colds, or anything else for that matter, if you come to any sort of conclusion your body will create that for you so you can have the rightness of your point of view. Something like this “See I told you I was over worked!” or “I am terrible at sticking to a healthy diet!” or “My body has not got a strong immune system!”…

Some of you are resisting that. But truth, have a look at it, have a look at your kids, when they get the symptoms of colds, how often are they just wanting to get out of school? And remember when you did it? I remember when I was young I didn’t want to play football in the snow, so that morning I told my mum I felt hot and thought I had a fever. She brought out the thermometer as I knew she would. I also asked for a nice hot cuppa to ward of the cold. Guess what I did as my mum left the room? I stuck that thermometer in the hot tea. Don’t tell me you never used a symptom to get out of something! LOL.

But the really funny thing is how many of you then actually bought your own story and got sick even though you weren’t really?

Don’t let your kids read this! LOL.

Then there are things like adverts on the television, when cold and flu season hits they are ready to help you soldier on. They love to play on the symptoms of colds to manipulate you you into buying their product. How many of you actually buy that point of view that a cold and flu season is real? How many of have a bathroom cabinet of medications that you have bought for the cold and flu season?

What do you do when someone has symptoms of colds such as sneezing in the elevator with you. Do you avoid it? Do you hope you are not going to catch it? Do dive for cover. And if you get a little sniffle about 3 hours later do actually hope you haven’t caught that cold. If you do any of that then you are well on your way to instructing your body to create cold symptoms for you.

Here is that long awaited secret to unlocking these cold symptoms. Ask a question like “Mine or someone else’s?” For every symptom ask this. If you even get a little inkling that you are just buying the symptom as real then it ain’t yours. If the symptoms persist continue asking, you have had a whole life time of conditioning your self to what cold symptoms mean, it may take more than one question to change it.

If the symptoms of colds persists ask your body “Body what awareness are you giving me that I am not listening too?” And then wait. Don’t come to conclusion, you are talking to your body not your mind. Your mind will only give you the answers you have conditioned your self with. Keep asking. This is about building an awareness, about your body and not buying symptoms as meaning something that they are not.

Your body is amazing it does all this healing and do you ever acknowledge that. Or do you thank your doctor or the medication. It is not the doc or the medication that makes the change, it is your body, it is your body that takes the medication and does something with it, not your doctor. It is even your body that gets you to the drug store in the first place! Do you really think symptoms of colds are something that your amazing body cannot change?

So, please acknowledge your cute, sweet body and ask it to forgive you for all the conclusions you have come to and made it feel sick when perhaps it was not necessary. Good body, nice body, what would you like body? Once you get the knack of a different way of being, of asking questions and not coming to conclusion you will not ever have to suffer the symptoms of colds again. But then you are probably saying that is impossible. If that is your point of you then you are right! But if you are willing to change your point of view you may be the one that does not have to spend all that time in bed feeling like crap.

Written by Liam Phillips: Before using these tools from Access Consciousness I used to have 4-5 colds and flu’s a year. I have been cold and flu free for three years now and if I do have a symptom I will ask these questions and change it with in 10 seconds to 12 hours, with out drugs, doctors, diet or anything else.

The speed of slug headache

Are you operating at the speed of slug? If you have a headache, or you don’t want to get out of bed, or everything just is plain wonky with your body, have you considered that you may be buying in to this realities point of view that everything takes it its time? Well perhaps you want to ask that question; “Am I operating at speed of slug?”

You see you are actually like a V12 Jaguar and you think that you are a beat up old VW on its last legs. That’s how this reality operates. When ever you start to shine like the highly buffed finished on a Jag and start moving at speeds that just scare the living bejesus out of people, along comes slug and shits on your paint work and tries to slow you down.

I got up today after week of yuck and today I had a mammoth size head ache. In this reality when you have a week like that what do people say to you, “You are doing too much, slow down, your body needs a rest.” Hell I don’t even have anybody around me like that and I was still buying that idea. I felt like a slug and didn’t want to do anything.

Then I asked “Hang on a minute is this mine, my body’s or somebody elses?” Not mine. Not my body’s. Ok, so I got up and started to move like the Jaguar and and revved up my engine and headache gone.

What are you going to choose, slug or Jaguar?

What if you never bought the speed of slug again and never listened to anybody’s point of view?

Get yourself to this tele call now! Your body needs it. Just click on the picture.


3 Things You Can Do To Change Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There is plenty of information out there about IBD, the causes, the theories; medical, alternative, wives tales, miracle cures, diets, in fact every body seems to have their own take on it.

If you have Irritable Bowel, or Crohns or colitis you have probably looked at many of these. Some things work for and not others, some work for others not you.

Gets very confusing doesn’t it? One minute you think you have found the answer and then whack you are off to the toilet again for seemingly no apparent reason. You are following the diet, you are using the meds, you are reducing stress, you are doing all the right things, but all of a sudden … well you know what.

So lets look at the energy of people with IBD, there are a few simple things that can be done that can create a deal more ease for you and your body. Things that you can add to what ever you are already doing.

Firstly, how often when a flare occurs do actually beat yourself up for doing something wrong? What is that going to create? A fun filled day or just more angst? Give that birch branch up and stop making your self wrong, that is unless you enjoy it.

Secondly, your point of view creates your reality so be aware of what you are a saying and thinking. This works in brilliantly with the first point. If you think or say “I feel like shit,” then guess who is listening to you? Yep your right, your body hears and feels “shit” and hey presto guess what happens. Well you don’t have to guess because you know!

Thirdly, have any of you ever had a thought like “that car is going to pull out inf ront of me” or “the phone will ring” and it does. Believe it or not that is not a wrongness, that is an awareness of a possible future. Has any body ever acknowledged you as an aware being or is everybody trying to tell you what to do and how to do it and you should do their way? It can get very irritating. Funny that, since IBD is an  irritation or inflammation of the digestive tract.

May be you could ask the question “who is irritating me?” May be you’ll get answer, maybe it is you, may you won’t get answer. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you get to be more aware of how you and hence your body is functioning.

To sum, stop judging you or body as wrong, be aware that your thoughts, feelings and the words you use create your body and your reality, ask questions and always acknowledge when you are aware.

If this has been of interest to you then please  join me for a free teleclass in Mid September, what have you got to loose; your disease?


There is an old Chinese proverb “He who asks a question appears as a fool for five minutes, he who never asks a question is a fool for life.”

Many people have thanked me for being willing to ask questions in classes where I have been a participant. I always “felt” a bit stupid for asking, so was quite surprised when this first started to occur. Over the years I have recognized that they were thanking me because I was willing to appear as a fool for a few minutes in order to get the change I desired and willing to ask those questions that others could not put words to. This is vulnerability. This where, no matter what it takes, you are willing to appear foolish, you are willing to receive the judgements of everybody else to get the change that you desire.

I am so blessed that so many people have been willing to step in to that space of vulnerability and be wiling to ask questions in classes and on broadcasts. In the asking those people are actually willing to receive an awareness of where they are sticking themselves and their body’s and then they have more possibilities from which to choose. Possibilities that prior to the question were not freely available.

Ask and you shall receive is one of the laws of the universe. Imagine that! All you have to do is ask a question and more possibilities start to show up. Now it is up to you what you choose. Some may choose more sickness, some choose management, some may choose to die, others may choose cure, and others may choose to a totally different reality.

No one choice is greater than the other, no choice is wrong. No choice is wright. Imagine if you were never wrong.

Take for example the lady on my recent radio show “Curing the Incurable” with Dr Pat. On National radio she was willing to talk about the guilt that was hounding her and asking how she could change this. After a few questions we were able to run a few processes with her and she immediately started to feel lighter about her life. You can list to the replay HERE.

Does that mean that to make the change you have to call in a news crew from the ABC. No, what I am suggesting here is that there is a power and a potency in vulnerability that when combined with question will allow you to have a different possibility. You can start asking questions right away you don’t need an audience, the whole universe is waiting to receive you if you are wiling to be vulnerable.

Science proves your point of view creates your reality

I was watching an investigative TV show on SBS about ‘e’ numbers. It was really cool, that actually did it without judgement, just presenting the facts. ‘e’ numbers are the chemicals that are used to add colour, taste, or to preserve our foods. This show was about the e numbers that are used to colour foods. They did a neat experiment, would you like to read about it?

Then read on Macduff…

They took a bottle of white wine and add food colour to make it appear as if it was red wine and then they took that wine to a wine tasting society that had both armature and professional tasters. There were about a dozen members, every one of those wine tasters described all the attributes of a red wine. One even stated that that they are actually trained to look at the colour first and foremost. The result: If you have a already decided what something is then you will not be able to perceive anything that does not match that judgement.

If you have already decided that you have arthritis then what will your body hear? What will you physically actualize in your body?

Your point of view creates your reality, what if you were to just change your point of view? Like changing a comptuer program. Every week I get updates for my programs on my computer. What if you did the same with your points of view? Destroy the old programs and upgrade to a new point of that will allow you to perceive something different.

If you would like to watch the experiment you can do so HERE.

3 more elements of healing

Peace, calm and kindness…


How often are yoU kind to yourself? How often are you kind to your body? Or perhaps I should ask how often are you unkind to your body? How often do you push your body, make it work harder, tell it what you think it needs, shove other peoples points of view in to your body? Just about everyday. Everyday we are unkind to our body’s, if you treated your lover or best friend the way you treated your body would they stick around for long? No way, it would be ‘astavalista’ baby.

When was the last time you were kind to you body? Can you remember that? Maybe it was a million years ago, it doesn’t matter, If you can at least remember one time you know what the energy of kindness is. Expand that memory of the energy of kindness, multiple that by ten, now a hundred, now a thousand and now bigger than the universe.

Ahhhhhhhhh! That’s your body saying thank you. If you would like to create more of that energy then do one kind thing for your body evreyday for the next ten days. Write this down on a post it “Just for today I am going to be kind with my body” and stick on your allarm clock or bathroom mirror or anywhere you will see it every day and then for a few minutes a day be kind with your body.

I would love to hear how you go!

“All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory!”

This tool is a mantra, it’s not an affirmation. This is an important distinction because it doesn’t just state the positive outcome, it invites all of life to your party. And that my friend is the good and the bad and the ugly. How much of our lives is spent avoiding all the cow pats that we have judged as wrong or bad or problems? This little gem of a mantra gives you the possibility to receive everything, even the result of one of those cow pats hitting the fan and empowers you to deal with it with ease, joy and glory!

To use this tool all you have to do is say it immediately upon waking ten times, before you start to go into your mind and planning your day, and ten times just as you nod off to sleep. Say out loud or in your head, it matters not. Use the mantra any time you want, I used to sing it when I first came across it and it had such an effect on my life that my body started to heal from a terrible disease.

There are 2 caveats to this: One being, you have to use it, and I mean more than once! Number two, if you give it to someone else please tell them it came from Access Consciousness.

Play with your nibbles

This month I am inviting you to play with your food. Yep that’s right, most of you between  age 2-15 ( and beyond) were told to stop playing with your food, I am asking to bring that element of play back to the meal time, the shopping time, the preparation time. This may give you more awareness with you rbody and  allow you to find out what it desires and requires.

Let me ask you some questions about food.

How many fixed points of view do you have about food? Here are some answers that people have given…

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Three square meals a day.
  • A little on the lips, a life time on the hips.
  • Sugar is bad for you.
  • Everything in moderation.
  • You are what you eat.

The list is endless. Every person on the planet has their own point of view about food. One of my points of view was that organic food was the only way to heal myself. With a point of view like that it stopped me from receiving any alternative and it stopped me from receiving awareness from my body. Please don’t take what I have just said and think that I am against organics, or diets or points of view about food. I ask these questions so that you can become aware of what your point of view about food  is and then may be you will have an awareness of which points of view are limiting your reality. What if some of them are stopping you from having fun or limiting your awareness of your body?

The thing that made such a huge change with my body was to involve it in the choice of food. After all who takes the food you eat and digests it? You the being or your body?

My point of view about food now is a question, is this food going to be orgasmic? What do I mean by that? Is it going to be yum, and fun, and nurturing to my body? I don’t eat it unless it is. And when it stops tasting like that, it is time to stop eating.

So,what is your point of view about food?And is it even your point of view or did you hear it from some one else? How many points of view about food do have that actually validate other peoples realities?

To empower you and your body I have a short ebook on the subject of food.


What else is possible with food?