Science proves your point of view creates your reality

I was watching an investigative TV show on SBS about ‘e’ numbers. It was really cool, that actually did it without judgement, just presenting the facts. ‘e’ numbers are the chemicals that are used to add colour, taste, or to preserve our foods. This show was about the e numbers that are used to colour foods. They did a neat experiment, would you like to read about it?

Then read on Macduff…

They took a bottle of white wine and add food colour to make it appear as if it was red wine and then they took that wine to a wine tasting society that had both armature and professional tasters. There were about a dozen members, every one of those wine tasters described all the attributes of a red wine. One even stated that that they are actually trained to look at the colour first and foremost. The result: If you have a already decided what something is then you will not be able to perceive anything that does not match that judgement.

If you have already decided that you have arthritis then what will your body hear? What will you physically actualize in your body?

Your point of view creates your reality, what if you were to just change your point of view? Like changing a comptuer program. Every week I get updates for my programs on my computer. What if you did the same with your points of view? Destroy the old programs and upgrade to a new point of that will allow you to perceive something different.

If you would like to watch the experiment you can do so HERE.

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