Right Weight for YOU

What is the right weight for you? What if you did not have to compare your body with other body’s? What if you could be happy with the way your body is in any 10 seconds?

What if weight was a point of view and that you could change that point of view with ease?

Here are a few tips:

Did you know that your judgment creates your body? When your body hears your litany of judgement about how heavy you are that is what it creates. Every time you get on the scales you judge your body. Every time you measure yourself you judge your body as how right or wrong it is.

Did you know muscle is heavier than fat? If you are working out and creating muscle you need to be aware of this as it could appear you are putting weight back on. If you go to that conclusion your body will hear that and start to create that.

Gauge the amount of weight chang as to how your clothes are fitting and acknowledge the change with gratitude and if they get tighter ask what else is possible?…

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