Play with your nibbles

This month I am inviting you to play with your food. Yep that’s right, most of you between  age 2-15 ( and beyond) were told to stop playing with your food, I am asking to bring that element of play back to the meal time, the shopping time, the preparation time. This may give you more awareness with you rbody and  allow you to find out what it desires and requires.

Let me ask you some questions about food.

How many fixed points of view do you have about food? Here are some answers that people have given…

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Three square meals a day.
  • A little on the lips, a life time on the hips.
  • Sugar is bad for you.
  • Everything in moderation.
  • You are what you eat.

The list is endless. Every person on the planet has their own point of view about food. One of my points of view was that organic food was the only way to heal myself. With a point of view like that it stopped me from receiving any alternative and it stopped me from receiving awareness from my body. Please don’t take what I have just said and think that I am against organics, or diets or points of view about food. I ask these questions so that you can become aware of what your point of view about food  is and then may be you will have an awareness of which points of view are limiting your reality. What if some of them are stopping you from having fun or limiting your awareness of your body?

The thing that made such a huge change with my body was to involve it in the choice of food. After all who takes the food you eat and digests it? You the being or your body?

My point of view about food now is a question, is this food going to be orgasmic? What do I mean by that? Is it going to be yum, and fun, and nurturing to my body? I don’t eat it unless it is. And when it stops tasting like that, it is time to stop eating.

So,what is your point of view about food?And is it even your point of view or did you hear it from some one else? How many points of view about food do have that actually validate other peoples realities?

To empower you and your body I have a short ebook on the subject of food.


What else is possible with food?


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