Awareness. When did you make it wrong?

awareness light

I am going to tell you a little story about awareness.

Today I went to the Post Office… Let’s rewind. Today I woke up and asked to be shown something amazingly different… Now fast forward… I came out of the post office and stood at the pedestrian lights. There were no cars. I never wait for the little man to turn green if there are no cars, but here I am standing at the red light with an intense sense of awareness. My body was patient, I was patient, that is not the norm for me at lights. I looked around, nice mommy next to me, but that is another story, and then the light turned green and I crossed the road.

Are you bored yet? Well we are just about to raise the anti. I got in to my car that was parked on the side of the road and everything slowed down like one of those movies where they slow the action down so you get to be aware of everything that is happening in a short space of time. I could not take off immediately, a car had blocked me in and I had to wait. Still patient, and if you know me you’ll know that is extremely weird. As he parked, I noticed a father and two kids on the median strip in the middle of the road. I checked my rear view vision mirror – no car. As I was starting to nose out I had an awareness whisper in my ear to actually look before I took off. A 4 wheel drive was now bearing down on me and I slammed on my brakes. With the ensuing jolt I lost sight of the car for a second and then I heard the squeal of brakes and as I looked up the 4 wheel drive had skidded to a stop. The father, with little girl in arms was walking behind the 4 wheel drive, and the little boy was standing on the other side of the road panting and looking a bit shell shocked.

Oh boy – the kid had run in front of the car! No one was hurt, but you could feel the charge of the situation, the gratitude of the father for the driver, the panic of the driver and the total confusion of the little boy as his father stepped from gratitude to anger being projected at the child. I knew that kid was going to get a bollocking. It is moments like these when we were kids that we make ourselves and the awareness we have as wrong.

Now here is is the really cool part. Remember the beginning of the story and the question I asked when I woke up “To be shown something amazingly different.” Well here was the energy I had asked for. I suddenly recognized why I had stopped a the red light a few seconds earlier. If I hadn’t I would have been the one that would have been hit.  But that is not all! As the driver of the four wheel drive took off I looked at the road and there was evidence of a recent car smash. The little boy had been aware of that accident and somehow gotten caught in the lingering energy of it. He was willing to be aware of an energy at this point of the road that was requiring something and he had acted on that awareness.

What if instead of being told off by the father, his father had somehow used this situation to acknowledges his sons awareness?  Today I witnessed a possibility of expansion or a possibility of contraction. What will the little boy choose? Will he choose to acknowledge his awareness of the energy?  Or will he choose to cut off from his awareness and make himself wrong? What will the father choose? To remain angry at his son or will he choose to be vulnerable and tell his son why he got angry? Will the driver thank lady luck and give her awareness up to this fictitious character? Or will she pat herself on the back for being willing to be aware of little boys following an energy to show us all that being aware is a kinda of cool thing?

I guess the last question is one for you. What will you choose today? To be the grand and glorious creator of you life and acknowledge just how frigging aware you are? Or will you choose to be a victim of all the unconsciousness around you and make that the basis of your life?

The choice is yours, it is always available to you.



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