Language of Gentlemen

Do you recognise that it’s totally okay to be a man? Did you know that being a man, in whatever way it shows up for you, is actually what your significant other desires and demands?

In the not too distant past, there was particular functions in society for men and women. Guys did their thing and ladies did their thing. Neither was prevailing to the other, it was just the way it was. In recent times, women have declared their freedom which in turn has given men a feeling of wrongness. That is, just due to the fact that you’re a man, you’re wrong. You’re wrong for having a male member. You’re wrong for seeking to make love. You’re wrong for having a higher income than women. You’re wrong for hanging around with the boys. You’re wrong for having hair on your body. You’re wrong for becoming a man. And, if you’re gay, you’re wrong for choosing other men.

What this has created is two-fold: (1) a distinct separation of the genders; and (2) guys feeling as though they are worthless.

When separation is developed in any group, fear, anger, jealousy and anxiety starts to set in. For what reason would we desire to create that in our connections? For what reason would we desire to create trouble in our relationships? When men have a feeling of unimportance, they often resort to addictive practices leading to relationship breakdown. For what purpose would we want to create this?

The Language of Gentlemen is an effort to create a different reality for men (and women). What we mean by this is to uncreate the separation of the sexes and the inherent sense of wrongness of being a man.

Both Andrew & Liam where participants of the original two-day class and the 12-month tele-call on The Gentlemen’s Club, of which the book is a transcription. Liam & Andrew have a wealth of experience with the transforming men into the magnificent beings they truly be.

Andrew & Liam’s target with this bookclub is to create a completely new reality for men and their partners in order that both may enjoy the wonders of manhood in whatever way it shows up for you.

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