Knowing that you know

As child we come to this planet as a “raw” infinite being and then over time we buy other peoples opinions that we are not a knowing being. One of those moments for me was when my father turned around to me and said “you don’t know, you are only 10” This is what we call a point of creation. This is one of the times that I bought that as real and true and since then I have been dis empowering myself with that point of view, this is called the point of destruction.

And then it continues…

When you say “I don’t know”, what are you creating more knowing or less? Less right? Your point of view creates your reality and if you have bought the point of view that you don’t know then that will create your reality. Ouch

Some of the symptoms of not knowing are, difficulty in making choices, doubt , lack of trust in you, and fear that you are somehow wrong. If these apply to you in anyway then read on beacuse we have some tips to get you beyond that.

First up when you catch your self in any of those symptoms take a moment, stop and turn that decision, doubt or fear into a question, “What do I know here?” If you hear your self think or say “I don’t know” turn it to the same same question “What do I know?”

This question will start to acknowledge you a the knowing being you truly are and start unlock all those places where you have solidified not knowing in your body .

Too easy… yup that is what I love about these tools they are easy, but they do work. Now we have one more treat for you and that is a little exercise that you can use to acknowledge that you know and build that muscle of knowing for you… I a not going to write about it as it is in this recording about half way through. Click HERE to download the recording.

And one last tool to expand your capacity with knowing. Set a timer to go off on your phone every hour and then ask each hour “body can we exponentialize our knowing please?” Ty it for the rest of the day and see what changes that starts to create in your reality. Do it form curiosity and the joy of it and you may become more aware!

See you next week for another chat about the tool of Access in action

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