Access The Inspiration That YOU Be!

Today I was interviewed on the Dr pat show on US radio. As I was talking I noticed that at times I would loose track of what as what saying and I asked Pat to ask her question again. I started to feel like I was doing something wrong, that I was in some way mucking it up.

Then a question came up and I started to talk about a man named Ricky Williams, who is an ex football player in the States. I met Ricky in New Zealand this year, I had no idea who he was, I don’t follow football. but what was beautiful about this man was what he had to say. I am not going to quote him but the jist of it was that many people in his youth said that the dream was possible but he noticed that none of them were choosing it. Ricky now lives the dream and through his foundation he is inspiring kids from hellish backgrounds to know that living the dream is truly possible. Ricky doesn’t just talk about it he lives it!

That inspired me on the radio, I was talking about Ricky and I suddenly realized that the ‘ums’ and the ‘ers’ are not impotent, it is what I be that matters. That is what made the difference in the healing for me to be me. I chose to be the difference I be, I no longer chose to fit in to this reality and get it right.

What if you were willing to step up to the plate, warts and all, handicaps and all, disease and all, weight problems and all, crappy relationship and all and be, be the inspiration to others and most importantly be the inspiration to your self?

Who are the inspirational people in your life? Are you amongst your list? You should be!


One thought on “Access The Inspiration That YOU Be!”

  1. Maria Helmersson says:

    Thank you for this blog, love it!!
    …and loved the Dr Pat show!! Just beautiful! The energy you be, the inspiration. The softness, sweetness and peace in your energy…do you know how rare those qualities are on this planet!? Well yes you do and that is, I think anyway, one of the reasons lots of people will, maybe without even knowing why, will want to listen more to you, want more of what you are talking about ….like you write, the ums and ers are not important…..actually quite the contrary. What if that can actually be a huge contribution also to others!? How do I mean? How much are we taught that in order to do something we should do it perfect, otherwise not at all or at least wait until we get it totally right. What a load of bullshit….just my IPOV…anyway….so what if your ums and ers actually inspired people to step into and do things that they had the POV that they were not quite ready for….because they had to be a bit better at this aspect or that aspect or whatever…..well that´s what you did for me anyway! Thank you so much Liam!

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