What are you grateful for today?

Today I woke up with such a sense of joy in my world, and as the day unfolded I became more and more aware of the gratitude that I was showing up as. I started talking about gratitude on facebook and asking questions and… Oo, I am so grateful for you contributing to this blog. I am so grateful for the ease with which word press is showing up, I am so grateful to the amazing people I work with, I am so grateful for my body and the awareness it gifts me everyday, even when I judge the hell out of it, it is always there, always gifting to me. I am even grateful blower vacs!

I have been looking at this blog for a few days now and asking what shall I write as the welcome blog? What can I contribute to these dear, sweet souls and body’s that are seeking something different. And then ‘pow, wham, kapooie’ it was GRATITUDE!

So let me ask you a question: Are you grateful for YOU?

And if you are not would you be willing to at least consider that as a possibility to start showing up in your life?

So, here is a little tool for you to use over the next 10 days, every morning before you get out of bed: ‘What and who am I grateful for today?’

And you are welcome to share your gratitude here in any way YOU desire.

PS. Have I acknowledged just how amazingly grateful I am for YOU?

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