Going beyond disease with courage

Going beyond disease with courage. What is courage? What is disease? What is beyond?

For me courage is the willingness to know what is not working for you and then lowering your barriers and being totally vulnerable with what is not what we want it to be. And then making a demand of oneself to do what ever it takes for something different to show up. I have met a lot of people that have gone beyond the shadow of disease, all of them have had the courage to do so.

Many people think that disease is a problem with your health, for me it is a creation born from choice. At some point a choice was made that created a dis-ease and later the body physically actualizes that choice. Your body is an amazing thing and will give you awareness all the time, sometimes that is dis-ease. But disease is not just to do with the body, you can create a disease in any area of your life, in relationship, in business, with money, with your family… Disease is not being at ease with something. It is not  wrong, just an awareness that you have not yet totally received.

Beyond is that space that goes further than the limitation of your mind and your feelings. This is where that courage comes into play, as choosing something beyond what you already know can change things dynamically!

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