Food, food, glorious food

Food choices can be very confusing. There are as many diets out there as there are days in the year. Each one of them claiming to have the answer. What if it did not need to be confusing? What if you did not have to make your body the testing ground for somebody else’s diet?

I am not selling you a diet here, I am empowering you to know what your body requires! You have a huge resource with you there right now… it is sitting there with you whilst you read this blog. It is called your body. Just in case you have forgotten your beautiful body¬† i would like to re-introduce you to it. Being say hello to your body.

Who beats your heart, breathes, moves you from one place to another , digest your food, heals? You or your body? Your body. So when it comes to a diet or the food your body requires who is going to know best? You, your therapist, your fitness trainer or your body?

I am not saying go against your trainer, your therapist, your doctor… Far from it, they all provide you valuable information, but if you make them greater than you and your body then you have just limited your choice.

What if you were to include your body in the choices you are making for it with food? Would you get a different result?

If you are curious you can read more in my ebook: The Four Major Food Groups; it has tools to empower you to choose the food that YOUR body requires.

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