Fitting in to the box

“On my home planet I am considered short and fat” Now that might sound crazy but lets have a look at that. Are you fitting in to the box?

Am I really from another planet. Of course not, but what if you were? What if you came from a planet where over weight people were actually the norm, or tall skinny people were what was aspired to? Just because the average height of a person on this plant is 5 foot 10 and weighing 79 Kg does that mean that you have to fit those dimensions? Does it mean that you wrong if you are on either end of that continuum?

In the seventies it was the Twiggy look, in the Victorian age it was the voluptuous look. Now it is the fit and athletic look. Big boobs in one year, small ones the next, why? It wouldn’t be a way to keep you spending money on the latest fashions or the newest diet or…?

In the news recently Apple released their new iphone 5. It looks cooler, does more and of course they have changed all the sizes of the leads that fit in to it. It is brilliant when you up grade you have to buy all new leads. How many of you are in judgement about that?

How many of you are in judgement about your body? It doesn’t fit, it doesn’t work like other peoples, it is too old, to small too big, too… It is that very judgement that keeps you in the story that this reality sells you every day. When you judge it you create more of the right wrong reality.

What if you celebrated your difference? What if every day you asked your body to contribute to you in ways you could not even imagine?

if you do not judge your body , never make it wrong you can actually enjoy it!

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