Talking With Entities Tele Call – With Access Consciousness Facilitator Liam Phillips

What is your point of view about entities?

*Are they easy to talk with?
*Do you fear them?
*Can you clear them?

Is your information based on Hollywood and campfire stories about ghosts?

What if you could have ease with them, clear them form your kids and your house and your life with ease?

What if you could step into even more awareness about entities?

Join Talking To The Entities Access Consciousness Facilitator Liam Phillips on September 27th @ 8pm EST (NEW YORK TIME AND DATE – go here for your time and date: ) to learn about becoming more aware with entities and how you can deal with them with total ease!

Have your questions ready for Liam!

Liam spent years studying at schools of mysticism, studding Kriya yoga and meditation and then after along battle with disease he came across Access Consciousness®. With in months that battle was over and he started to explore the tools of Access and using them in many areas of his life.

In his first year of Access he became facilitator and is now the author 5 books and heads his own company called Curing the Incurable. This year he stepped up further to facilitate more classes with entities and all those things that go bump in the night! “I know that having more awareness with entities is a huge contribution to people and of course the entities.

Just the other day one client during a class was able to let go of an attachment with her brother that died over 10 years ago and she immediately had more space and more ease with her body. The thing I love most is giving these tools to people that will be using them with kids. What If you as a kid had been given these tools and the correct information? If I had been I know my life would have been a lot more ease!” Liam has facilitated many people with entities over the years and if you ever get to talk to him about this subject, you will be fascinated with some of his stories of demons, being locked out of his body, portals, disease creating entities and even how he has used these tool to fix the brakes on his mothers car!

Liam’s facilitation style is unique. As mildly autistic he is able to perceive energies in a very different way and over the years he has developed this so he pull together multiple energies to look at things from a very different point of view. This often creates a lot of fun and laughter, you may laugh so much that you forget to be serious!But don’t let this deter you.

Liam is very psychic and will pull out of your head some of the weird stuff that is limiting your life, and inhibiting you from being aware for yourself and being aware with entities. “No entity can affect your life unless you are unaware!”

So how aware are you that you need to join this Entities Call to access tools to communicate with Entities for yourself and others?

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Teleconference Cost – $20 Before 9/25/13–$30 After 9/25/13 (USA – NEW YORK)

Once we receive your payment, you will receive the call in # and webcast links to join us as well as a FREE MP3 Recording of the Online Group Teleclass!

How does it get any better and easier than that?

With Ease, Joy, & Glory!!!!!

Here’s to all things going “bump” in the night:)

Liam & Meryl


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