The difference YOU be

The difference that you be is actually what adds to this world. Your whole life you have been judged for that difference. Many people learn to cut off from their awareness, and cut off huge chunks of themselves so that they can be the same, fit in to this reality and not rock the boat. What if you were not wrong for being different? What if everything you have ever been judged for was actually the difference you be?

In this cutting off from ourselves we create dis-ease in our life and eventually it  leads to the body physically actualizing that separation as disease in the body. Your body is not wrong for this. Your body is constantly readjusting the balance of living. What we do when we cut off from our awareness and make judgement bigger than us is that the body  has to deal with all the charge that is created by that.

It is like a computer. If your were to put more charge through a computer it will slow down or blow up to deal with charge. Judgments always have a charge. If we are able to stop judgment our body can readdress the balance of living a lot easier.

Curing the Incurable is not about throwing out what works but adding tools to what is working so it works quicker and easier.

What if you were always willing to celebrate the difference you be? Would that create a different reality with you and your body

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  1. ghdflghkdfs says:

    This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Cheers!

  2. Appreciate it for helping out, good information.

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