Demons Be Gone

When we talk about Demons from this realities point of view many people go slightly silly and start to make them very significant. What if Demons were not significant, what if it was easy to clear them? What if it was easy to change what they are telling you? What if you never had to buy a Demons point of view ever again?

The only time a Demon has power over you is when you give it to them. When we start to expand into who we be, the kindness, caring and nurturing that we truly be, Demons will not be able to have any effect on our lives, in fact they will start to dissipate from our field of energy. You being more of you will create a bio-energetic nurturing sphere that will clear all Demons anywhere you step.

Originally Demons were Entities that were invoked by Greeks to assist them to create or co-create energies around great pieces of art work. Over the millennia many Demons have been invoked to do things which we are not willing to do or be. When we do this, when the Demons job is finished it will bite us in the butt, and not in a good away! It’s not a good idea to invite demons to take over your life.

How do you know if you have demons around you? For some people, they literally hear demons in their head telling them what to do. For other’s they have a sense of doom or fear or doubts or unexpected anger. There are many indications when a demon is around. One of the latest I have found is miscommunication. Have you ever had an experience where people say you said one thing and you didn’t or you heard someone say something and they didn’t. In this situation, I will now often ask if there is a Demon around. What I found is that often demons twist energies and twist what is being said and heard so that doubts, fear and anger are created so they can be in control of your life and your body.

When those crazy emotions start to show up or that miscommunication starts to show up, that’s the time I start to ask if there is a Demon around. If it is light I know it is true. Mostly Demons like to use subtle influences of emotions to control, by asking questions and by acknowledging that there are Demons there you can have a different possibility.

Being more of you will always invite different possibilities, and the more you be you the less Demons can have an effect on your life. Anywhere you have bought the Hollywood version of Demon’s or a spiritual point of view about demons that is not real and true or a religious point of view of Demons that keeps you in a constant state of judgement of you, would you now be willing to choose something different? Would you be willing to give up those stories? Would you be willing to release the significance around the Demons? And would you be willing to be more of you?

Without all the demons in our lives I wonder what we could create? Demons be gone!

If you would like to find out more about clearing Demons and creating more ease with your life and inviting more consciousness to the planet please contact me for a fascinating conversation where we can use tools and exercises from Talk to the Entities® to create a reality that does not have to be ruled by demons any longer.

And I have found this Clearing
loop to be an awesome addition to my life in clearing Demons: HERE


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