About Liam and Curing the Incurable

I am interested in empowering you to be YOU, the magnificent being you you truly be!  I don’t have the answers, I have questions. What if you were not wrong? What if your body was not wrong? What if the way you did things were not wrong? What if being dyslexic, autistic, disabled, diseased was not a wrongness but a capacity that you were not willing to perceive. I created Curing the Incurable to give people a different possibility if they choose it. What will you choose?

As a child I learned at an early age that I did not fit in, I learned that I was a slow learner, dyslexic, ADD and mildly Autistic. I was partially deaf for the first 5 years of my life. I learned that these things were all wrong. I came to the conclusion that I was wrong. Then later I created a horrendous disease that took my body and me to the limit. In truth I really did not want to be apart of this reality any longer and disease was a way out. This was where curing the incurable really started.

Yet I knew there was something else, I knew that life is not about having the biggest TV or THE sexiest women or the most money. I knew that there was something bigger than all the judgment and all that this reality has to offer. This is where Access Consciousness came in to my life. Deep down do you know that too?

What if you could have access to that? What if you could be the difference you truly be?

“Life wasn’t meant to be easy, my child, but take courage: it can be delightful!”  George Bernard Shaw. I grew up only a stones throw away from where George used to live. On sunny summer days I would often cycle past his house. Now George was quite the poet, author and painter but I did not know that back then.

I would like to update George’s statement to “What if life was meant to be easy, my infinite friend, and a blessed delight!” If you like the updated version come play!

Learn the same tools that turned my life around from being an anxious, scared, nervous, diseased individual to a person who is now on the creative edge of consciousness and having fun and ease just like I did when I was on my bike all those years ago!