Curing The Incurable

Curing the Incurable was designed by Liam who searched for years for away out of the pain and misery of disease. Curing the Incurable offers tools so you can know what is true for YOU and your body and start the healing process. Choosing consciousness creates healing, here are the tools to do that with ease.

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“I was around when Liam was knocking on Heavens door. I reckon this is the reply he got: ‘We’re not ready for you yet, in fact there are heaps of people we’re not ready for yet. Why don’t you grab this toolbox, use it to heal yourself, then share it around. That would certainly help to lighten our workload.’ This book contains that toolbox Thank you Liam for sharing it.”

Many people think that if they can find a cure or the cause that they can change the disease. What if you were the cure and you created the disease? What if you could have access to tools and process that would add to your life and change what is not working for you and your body?

How Did Curing The Incurable Come About?

Liam Phillips created Curing The Incurable after a battle of 3 desperate years with an incurable disease. During this he suffered terrible emotional, physical and mental pain. Knowing in his heart that there had to be another way he set out to search the world for a cure that would ease this, or die trying!


During this search he tried many conventional medical practices & was told to overcome this disease he would have to have surgery that was often not successful. Not happy with this answer, he began experimenting with alternative diets and   medicine, meditation and self help methods. Although these offered some relief, he did not find the long-term change he was seeking.

In the final days, just before he gave up hope of ever finding anything and contemplating his suicide he found something different that changed his body and life.

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Liam added these simple tools, from Access Consciousness®, to his life and his body responded dynamically. After three months his book Curing the Incurable was written.





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Curing The Incurable – the manual  that you should be given in the waiting room        

Empowering you to know what is true for you and your body!


Most of the tools that are used with Curing the Incurable are from Access Consciousness®. Liam took these tools and applied them to what was considered an incurable disease. Over a 12 month period Liam totally changed that disease into a possibility and later on the disease was remarkably cured.  Some may call this a miracle. What if you were the miracle? What if you were the cure? What if it was you that created the difference and not things out side of you. What if those out side cures were things that you and your body had asked for to create the change you know is possible?

One of the things that Liam became aware of, was that your beliefs along with the thoughts and feelings and words we speak create your reality. And that when you step into choosing what you would like to create as your body and life then you can have access to infinite possibilities. Choice creates an awareness of infinite possibilities. What ever you choose is not wrong or right it is just a choice and can be changed at any time.

Liam was aware of this long before Access came into his life but lacked the tools to change it. Access gave him the tools of choice, question, possibility and contribution. Maybe you are amazingly aware too? A little different? But lack the tools to allow this knowing to be the source of your life and body?

Curing the incurable is Liam’s way of gifting these tools to create more awareness around anything that is incurable, that is – What is considered as not possible in this reality, that could be an incurable disease of the body like Liam created, Incurable money problems, incurable relationship issues… In short anything that you have yet to be able to change!

What if you were the creator of life, your body, every limitation and every possibility? The day that Liam received the awareness that he was actually choosing the disease was the day that he was able to choose something different. This is actually possible for every body unless you think it is not. Look at every inspiring person out there in the world that have created something phenomenal and you will see they all have this knowing and follow the energy to actualize a change in this reality. What if you are one of those inspirational people and just have never acknowledge it? What if you being you created something that has never been seen before on this planet. That may hard to believe right now but what if you shot for that? What would that create?

In Curing the Incurable your choice is always honored, never judged and what ever you choose, Liam is totally willing to gift you the tools that will contribute to creating that for you.

This is not a form healing, it is becoming more aware of the choices that you are making or not making. Healing is something your body does naturally. Healing is the side effect of being more conscious. These tools you can add to your life so can remove the limitations and choose to create something different, and to get you out of  your body’s way so it can do what it does naturally. These tools can be added to anything you are already doing, whether it is meditation, diet, therapy, yoga or medication!

My Philosophy is to ask your body and do what works for your body and that is unique to you and your body! I don’t care if it is scientifically proven or works for somebody else, I am interested in what works for you! These tools are not to make other modalities wrong but to get you to the space of what works for you and your body! To use what ever works!

Each one of you is an individual and what you choose and the capacities that you have are unique to you. Would you like to be able to Access more of that?

To create anything incurable in your life is a testament to just how powerful you are? What if you could take that energy and use it to create an amazing life and a phenomenal body?