Creating Connection Through Disease

We all connect in many different ways. One of those I have found is by using disease. Connecting through disease creates more reality of disease not less. This clearing loop is designed to give you more awareness of where you are connecting with others, yourself and your body through disease. Once you are aware of this then you can have a different choice.

This loop is is to be run for at least 10 days.

It will also start to change the entire reality of disease on this planet, so whether you have a disease or not by running this loop you will create more awareness on the planet and less judgment.

I am giving you this as a gift, if you would like to give money for it please buy one of my other products or send me some money through pay pal.

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9 thoughts on “Creating Connection Through Disease”

  1. liamphillips says:

    Hi Guys so here is the next clearing, again run for at least 10 days 10 times a day:
    What Energy Space and Consciousness can my body and I be that will allow us to create connections with ease. Everything that does not allow that to occur with ease, will you destroy and uncreate it all?

    And leave any comments here as to the awareness you may get.

    1. Carolyn Street-Johns says:

      Exhilaratingly expansive – wow ! Am totally taking the plunge and unsubscribe from the online groups that talk about stuff by peoplee when it isn’t even theirs. And what does it take for slimming compulsive obsessives to stop trying to make me their poster girl ? Woooey !! HDIGABTT !!

  2. Looking forward to running this loop tonight Liam, just reading it made my head spin. Keep up the posts, love it!

  3. Pattie says:

    I look forward to playing with the second clearing loop.
    Thanks tons Liam!

    1. liamphillips says:

      I’ll get a loop out today!!!

  4. Don Cook says:

    Thank you Liam, I will be looping today!

  5. Ryan says:

    Thank you Liam!

  6. Kristen says:

    Thank you fo your contribution Liam, much gratitude! Hdigabtt?

  7. kievblonde (FB) says:

    Thank you Liam I can feel it vibrating through . Much appreciate your kindness.

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