True Healing Comes from being YOU!

How does being you affect your body? When I am at my computer and sitting in my office with the warm cozy fire on and the wonderful smell of essential oils pervading the room, I be me. I am relaxed and happy and work for hours and hours. Sometimes I get up and have a dance, make some faces, do a silly video. Make up jokes. I just be me. How many of you are like that? Fun isn’t it. What happens then when your husband comes home, or you go to work, or go shopping. Are you still present or do you energetically go somewhere else?

This is what I used to do; I would leave my body energetically, I wold go into thought or feelings and different characters depending on the situation or the person. I was not being totally present with my body. I was not being who I be. That took an amazing amount of energy to do. My body gave me a huge awareness about that  through disease.

By being you, no matter the person or the situation, totally present with your body you have the possibility of changing dis-ease.

And by being you, you be the gift to the world. There is no other person in the world like you, would you be willing to be you? Warts and all?

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