Cause and Effect Vs Magic

There are two realities, one is based on cause and effect and the other is based on magic. I would love to say there is a titanic war between the two of them and ask you which one will you choose. But really there is no war between good and evil, between cause and effect reality and the reality of magic. The magic of consciousness pervades everything and the greatest magic tool of the conscious seeker is choice.

I have realized that not many people get this tool of choice, including myself as it is not based on reason and justification which has been taught in this reality of cause and effect. But, as I watch my friends exercise the wand of choice more and more, it become easier to choose even if it seems difficult.

The key to choosing magic does not just lie in the big choices that affect the course of our lives, like: Should I have the operation? Should I change jobs? Should I buy that house? It lies in every choice we make.

For example I was staying at a friends place and I left one of my books, ‘The Wailer of Grief’, in the bedside draw as a gift. She found it the other day and sent me an email thanking me, saying that she would read it and how funny it was that she had found her mother glasses in the same draw, her mother who had passed away only a month ago.

I wrote back saying there were no glasses in the draw when I put the book in it and she wrote back saying they were tucked in the back of the draw.

That last one was a statement from the cause and effect reality. The conclusion was that her mother had left the glasses in the draw on her last visit (whilst still embodied). A conclusion is the cause and effect realities way of keeping you from the magic you truly be! In this particular example if my friend had chosen to acknowledge the magic of the glasses just showing up instead of choosing to acknowledge the conclusion, the possibility of more magic would have shown up.

What you choose is what you create. If you choose the magic more of that will show up. If you choose the conclusion the more the cause and effect reality will show up.

How many of you are at the affect of cause and effect? How many of have made food the cause of all the things wrong with your body? How many of you make your choice about your life based on money? That is a cause and effect. If I had enough money I could have a life is a conclusion not a magical choice!

Just imagine now if you were only to choose the magic in every situation. What would start to show up?

We have not been taught to choose, we have been taught to choose for a reason. And that locks us into the causal reality where we get to be controlled by other peoples fad reasons of why we should buy that opinion. All the great people in the world have questioned those reasons and justifications and then chosen something different. These great people are the ones that have been called weird! I know if you are reading this you have been accused of being weird. What if weirdness was actually your tenacious capacity to seek what is true for you and not a wrongness?

So I am calling for all my weirdo friends to take out their wand of choice and start to choose for you and choose the magic you be.

Ask “If I was truly choosing my reality what would I choose?” everyday and then every time you choose, no matter how big the choice, choose the one that matches the energy of the reality you would like to create.

Good luck! I would love to here your magical stories and may be even have a cuppa with you soon to create even more magic!

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