Top 5 movies about Entities

I love a good a movie and years ago when I started Access I had a facilitator that would invite me to the movies and we would make a commitment to watch it from infinite space. Afterward we would ask each other questions about the awareness we got form the movie.

For me the story of the movie is kinda of irrelevant it’s about the awareness and when I watch a movie from that space it adds to my life not just from and escaping this reality point of view or purely for entertainment value.

Everything in Hollywood is made made up so please don’t buy any of it as true. If you get caught in the emotion of it or resist any of it or align with it in any way you have just created a limitation.

I hope you have fun with some of the movies I have suggested below that can create more awareness around entities if you are willing to be in question.

Drop Dead Fred

“Where have you misidentified your capacity with entities as a disorder?”

Made in the early 90’s so be prepared for some bad acting! Is a comedy about a young girl that has an entity that is a trickster, who makes her do all sorts of naughty things to her mother. Her mother then has her medicated and the young girl forgets all about her capacities until later in life when she goes through a relationship bust up and invites the trickster back into her life. This movie is a great depiction of how we cut of our abilities as they are seen as a mental disorder.

The Lovely Bones

“Where have you misidentified entity communication as feelings?”

Which I may add was written by a New Zealander! This is one of my all time favs with regards to how entities and people with bodies can communicate. It also shows how  commitments to people still create our reality even when they become spirit. Want to communicate more clearly:


“Where are you resisting entities that desire to contribute?”

Yahoo an Aussie movie! If you think you are going nuts with entities wait till you see this movie! A psychologist finds out that he does not actually have clients with bodies rather he is facilitating a bunch of entities that all die in a train wreck. But who is facilitating who? What if fear about entities was just our misidentification of what they are trying to communicate. A great movie to look at the misidentification of entity communication. A handy loop to play:

The Vintner’s Luck

“What if you were willing to use
your capacities with nature spirits?”

Filmed in France, Belgium and New Zealand, The Vintner’s Luck (aka A Heavenly Vintage) is a tale of growing grapes and meeting angels. But it’s so much more than that! It’s about receiving form Nature Spirits, receiving in general and following energy. How many of you have capacities with Nature that you refuse? Here is a groovy clearing loop for Nature Spirits:


“What if those voices you heard in your head were entities?”

Not the movie but the TV series – It’s on Netflix. About a young man that has X-man capacities but has been possessed by a demon. He thinks he is crazy but some actually belive he is amazing! From an entity perspective this series explores mental disorder and Demons in quite depth. You may wanna have the entity clearing loop going on in the background when you watch this!

Voices in my Head

Have you ever been in a situation that what is coming out of your mouth is not what you real would like to say, but you seem to have no choice but to say it anyway? Have you been in that place where you can’t remember if you said or did something and you go to the wrongness of you? Or have you started to think that people are ganging up on you or wondering if people are being mean to you? Believe me when I say I know what that’s like!

When this was going on in my life, I even separated from the very people that really had my back, and I kinda of knew I was doing that but I kinda of didn’t too. I would become rageful and paranoid and started to reach for things like booze or become so depressed I could not get out of bed. My relationships started to diminish, I became bored with life, suicidal thoughts increased and my happiness would only come out in manic bursts.

Not much fun!!!

But if you are experiencing any of this or if you work with people like this, or have family like this then you are in luck!

Many of the symptoms above from this realities point of view are often labelled as mental disorders, but what if they were symptoms of just an unacknowledged capacity with entities?

What do I mean by that? Well let’s say you are depressed and you are looking out of the window of your flat on the sixth floor and you hear in your head “I want to commit suicide.” What if that is not your thought? What if all the associated feelings and thoughts that you have when depressed are not yours but entities whispering to you? Many people with so called mental disorders, such as depression, paranoid schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, bi – polar and borderline personality, often talk about hearing voices in their head. What if that was not a wrongness but actually one of the unacknowledged capacities of being able to receive entities.

I am not saying that is a truism for everybody. We have to be willing to stay in the question so we can find out what is true for each individual. For me, personally, I have seen hundreds of people, including myself, learn to acknowledge these capacities and learn how to manage and clear entities and their entire lives change… And if I dare say, actually become happy!

What if pigeonholing people with labels was part of the disease? I have heard Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness® say that “Definition by definition alone is a limitation.”  If we buy the definition that we are mentally depressed we tend to grow into that label, it can be a self-full-filling prophecy that keeps us limited.

My invitation to you, if you hear voices in your head, have been diagnosed with a mental disorder or live or work with people with this label, is to ask a question… A simple question like “Is there an entity here?” can give you an awareness that can direct you to a whole new world.

As Shannon O’Hara, founder of Talk to the Entities says “Let’s educate, not medicate.” With more information, tools and awareness, what if we could start our amazing journey with changing mental disorders and acknowledging our amazing capacities with entities?

Demons Be Gone

When we talk about Demons from this realities point of view many people go slightly silly and start to make them very significant. What if Demons were not significant, what if it was easy to clear them? What if it was easy to change what they are telling you? What if you never had to buy a Demons point of view ever again?

The only time a Demon has power over you is when you give it to them. When we start to expand into who we be, the kindness, caring and nurturing that we truly be, Demons will not be able to have any effect on our lives, in fact they will start to dissipate from our field of energy. You being more of you will create a bio-energetic nurturing sphere that will clear all Demons anywhere you step.

Originally Demons were Entities that were invoked by Greeks to assist them to create or co-create energies around great pieces of art work. Over the millennia many Demons have been invoked to do things which we are not willing to do or be. When we do this, when the Demons job is finished it will bite us in the butt, and not in a good away! It’s not a good idea to invite demons to take over your life.

How do you know if you have demons around you? For some people, they literally hear demons in their head telling them what to do. For other’s they have a sense of doom or fear or doubts or unexpected anger. There are many indications when a demon is around. One of the latest I have found is miscommunication. Have you ever had an experience where people say you said one thing and you didn’t or you heard someone say something and they didn’t. In this situation, I will now often ask if there is a Demon around. What I found is that often demons twist energies and twist what is being said and heard so that doubts, fear and anger are created so they can be in control of your life and your body.

When those crazy emotions start to show up or that miscommunication starts to show up, that’s the time I start to ask if there is a Demon around. If it is light I know it is true. Mostly Demons like to use subtle influences of emotions to control, by asking questions and by acknowledging that there are Demons there you can have a different possibility.

Being more of you will always invite different possibilities, and the more you be you the less Demons can have an effect on your life. Anywhere you have bought the Hollywood version of Demon’s or a spiritual point of view about demons that is not real and true or a religious point of view of Demons that keeps you in a constant state of judgement of you, would you now be willing to choose something different? Would you be willing to give up those stories? Would you be willing to release the significance around the Demons? And would you be willing to be more of you?

Without all the demons in our lives I wonder what we could create? Demons be gone!

If you would like to find out more about clearing Demons and creating more ease with your life and inviting more consciousness to the planet please contact me for a fascinating conversation where we can use tools and exercises from Talk to the Entities® to create a reality that does not have to be ruled by demons any longer.

And I have found this Clearing
loop to be an awesome addition to my life in clearing Demons: HERE


Truth, do you like money?

When I was a kid I liked money, I would do anything for it. Not because it had any sense of significance but just because I liked the way I felt when I got it. My whole body would light up when I got money. My being would smile when I received money from anywhere and anyone. Later on, I learned that money was really significant and started to by the lies that money would make me happy, that you had to have money to survive, that money was something that was more valuable than being.

I started to cut off all the places where I had peace and joy with money and I slowly but surely started to eliminate my receiving. I am sure you all have similar stories with money. It took me quite a while to change those points of view and start to become clear with my financial reality. It is still an on-going play, it’s truly wonderfully as there seems to be no end to receiving.

Recently I heard Shannon O’Harra say how she used to despise money, could not understand it, and started to dislike money. Then she realised that this basic dislike of money was not creating more money in her life and was certainly not creating any peace or ease around money. She went on to say “If money isn’t easy for you, it’s because you don’t like it!” Wow, that really rang a few alarm bells!

Then I remembered the peace and ease and love I had with money when I was kid and I just knew that I could change my money issues now as an adult.

The first thing I did was to acknowledge what Shannon had said about not liking money. As I did that all that energy that I was using to pretend that I was cool with money when I actually wasn’t, was now available to me to start the process of change.

Second, I started to ask this question “What is my financial reality” (which I got from a money and Entities class that I did with Shannon.) I would ask every day and whenever I caught myself going into thoughts or feelings about money I would stop myself and ask that question. It took about 6 weeks before I started to get more clarity about my financial reality.

Third, every time I asked that question I would force myself to receive. Yup that sounds a little bit insane but for me it worked. I would force my barriers down so I could receive. The more I did this the easier it became and the more peace, ease and happiness start to flood my reality.

Receiving is not something that is taught to us as children. We are taught to separate, to put up barriers, to protect what we have, to hold on to our points of view…The type of forcing I am talking about is not tying me down and torturing myself to receive. It was more like an intensity of willingness to really be honest with myself and being vulnerable enough to look at all the good, the bad and the ugly without any judgment of me.

I ain’t gonna lie and say it was all roses to begin with. At first, I got sick as things started to shift. Then a whole bunch of interesting financial things showed up in my reality that sometimes just had me stumped. But I continued and started to flex my new muscle of receiving, honesty and vulnerability.

The rewards were so much greater than I could possibly ever imagine. Not only did I start to like money and have more peace and ease with it, I got to like me in the process!!! I got to be happier more.

I don’t know what your reality is with money, if you are reading this I guess you have a similar story, if you have changed that story then I am grateful for your willingness to choose something different that will create a reality beyond this this reality of unhappiness. And, for some of you, maybe you are in the middle of that change, and that is an exciting space too as you are really in the thick of it and you have to keep choosing, creating, being more of you than ever before. And If you are just starting out then you could be one of the luckiest ones because you have the possibilities of a new adventure right in front of you! If I can do it, I sure know you can! After all what have you got loose other than your dislike of money?

Knowing that you know

As child we come to this planet as a “raw” infinite being and then over time we buy other peoples opinions that we are not a knowing being. One of those moments for me was when my father turned around to me and said “you don’t know, you are only 10” This is what we call a point of creation. This is one of the times that I bought that as real and true and since then I have been dis empowering myself with that point of view, this is called the point of destruction.

And then it continues…

When you say “I don’t know”, what are you creating more knowing or less? Less right? Your point of view creates your reality and if you have bought the point of view that you don’t know then that will create your reality. Ouch

Some of the symptoms of not knowing are, difficulty in making choices, doubt , lack of trust in you, and fear that you are somehow wrong. If these apply to you in anyway then read on beacuse we have some tips to get you beyond that.

First up when you catch your self in any of those symptoms take a moment, stop and turn that decision, doubt or fear into a question, “What do I know here?” If you hear your self think or say “I don’t know” turn it to the same same question “What do I know?”

This question will start to acknowledge you a the knowing being you truly are and start unlock all those places where you have solidified not knowing in your body .

Too easy… yup that is what I love about these tools they are easy, but they do work. Now we have one more treat for you and that is a little exercise that you can use to acknowledge that you know and build that muscle of knowing for you… I a not going to write about it as it is in this recording about half way through. Click HERE to download the recording.

And one last tool to expand your capacity with knowing. Set a timer to go off on your phone every hour and then ask each hour “body can we exponentialize our knowing please?” Ty it for the rest of the day and see what changes that starts to create in your reality. Do it form curiosity and the joy of it and you may become more aware!

See you next week for another chat about the tool of Access in action

What is a gentleman to you?

bsrOzgDkQhGRKOVC7Era_9X6A3584What is a gentleman to you?

In this first article, we will examine what a gentleman is to you? Is he a man that opens doors and pays for the meal? Or is he something so much more than that? What if a true gentleman was someone that opened doors to different possibilities? Whether you are a man or a woman this article is for you. We dare you to read on!

One of the things with definitions is that they can limit you. We invite you to play with your definitions of a gentleman and if they are in anyway limiting then perhaps you would like to let them go.

We have a totally different way of looking at what a gentleman is and isn’t. None of it is wrong and none of it is right. We present these new “definitions” for you so you can get the idea that there are other possibilities and that you can change a point of view with ease and have one that works for you!

What if a gentleman is one who opens the doors of possibility for a person to create the reality they desire?

We like this definition because it expands on the idea that a gentleman is kind with women in the physical reality and literally opens up even more possibilities for both the lady and for the gentleman. What would this realty look like if the gentleman was always willing to perceive what the other desires and support that person to actualize those, without any judgment, without any fixed point of view or expectation of how that will show up?

Here are some questions that you can ask and whatever the answers are you can clear them using the Access Consciousness® clearing statement of destroy and uncreate.

  • What definition of a gentleman do you have that is limiting you from receiving the gentleman of your dreams that you desire in your reality
  • What is a totally different way of being a gentleman that works for you?
  • What different possibilities can you be as a gentleman that could create a totally new reality, with total ease?

These questions will work both with gentleman and ladies!

Creating from separation

What if by choosing to separate created more for the both of you?

The Access Consciousness® definition of consciousness is that “Consciousness judges nothing and includes everything.”

In this case we are not using the term separation as exclusion but rather an energy that can be used to create something greater. Separation is a well-used tool in this reality to change relationship. We would like to drill down a little further with this idea and ask if you would actually be willing to use the energy of separation to separate from any fixed point of views about gentleman and relationships that are not working for you!

One great tool do this with is to ask a question like:

What does a gentlemen mean to me?

Whatever answer comes up just say interesting point of view I have that point of view three times and the charge that holds that point of view as fixed will start to dissipate.

When the charge is no longer there you will start to receive and perceive the other person’s point of view without you having to judge them or defend you. But don’t take our word for it try it for your self.

What is a lady from a gentleman’s point of view?

During our radio show when we asked this question a lot of energy came up. Apparently a lot of men have not really been willing to state their point of view of what a lady is, because to do so may invite a lot of judgment.

Many men actually live with a lot of projected judgment and actually think this is quite normal. What if it was not normal but just what has been entrained in us both as men and women?

It is a sort of unwritten law that that is how we create relationship. A man is always wrong and woman in always right. This statement is not aimed at judging anybody but designed to bring up the energy.

If you are resisting it in anyway then there is some charge to it and may be that very charge that is keeping you from creating what you desire.

Our point of view is; anything that limits us from creating the reality we desire is something that we would like to remove. How many of us have walked around with a stone in our shoe for a long time before it gets so irritating that we have to remove it?

A point of view that is limiting us is like that stone. So if your point of view about what a lady is or a gentleman is starting to irritate you, is it time to remove it from your “shoe” and separate from your fixed point of view?

For me personally (Liam) at the moment, a lady is somebody that is willing to support my creations. For instance, the ladies at are so willing to support my creation. They are in the background feeding me questions, directing me to the how to’s of making a smooth and fun radio show. Setting up all the things in advance and demanding more of me when I step out of creating what I desire. I am really grateful for them and any ladies that come in to my life that are willing to support what I would like to create.

Have I always had that point of view? No. With every relationship I have created I have asked for certain things. Sometimes, when things start to change an I am asking new questions this means the lady will need to change her point of view of me and other times it means that separating will create more for both of us.

It’s never about making you right and another wrong, it’s really about asking for what you desire and following the energy of that. This is one of the first steps of creating great relationships with and as a gentleman. That is, knowing and asking for what you desire.

What do you desire as or of a gentleman, that if you asked for it would create a great relationship?

The Two FINE GENTS, Liam and Andrew, desire to empower gentlemen and their partners to create greater relationships. Listen HERE to the radio show: Gentlemen, Relationship, Choice.








Cause and Effect Vs Magic

There are two realities, one is based on cause and effect and the other is based on magic. I would love to say there is a titanic war between the two of them and ask you which one will you choose. But really there is no war between good and evil, between cause and effect reality and the reality of magic. The magic of consciousness pervades everything and the greatest magic tool of the conscious seeker is choice.

I have realized that not many people get this tool of choice, including myself as it is not based on reason and justification which has been taught in this reality of cause and effect. But, as I watch my friends exercise the wand of choice more and more, it become easier to choose even if it seems difficult.

The key to choosing magic does not just lie in the big choices that affect the course of our lives, like: Should I have the operation? Should I change jobs? Should I buy that house? It lies in every choice we make.

For example I was staying at a friends place and I left one of my books, ‘The Wailer of Grief’, in the bedside draw as a gift. She found it the other day and sent me an email thanking me, saying that she would read it and how funny it was that she had found her mother glasses in the same draw, her mother who had passed away only a month ago.

I wrote back saying there were no glasses in the draw when I put the book in it and she wrote back saying they were tucked in the back of the draw.

That last one was a statement from the cause and effect reality. The conclusion was that her mother had left the glasses in the draw on her last visit (whilst still embodied). A conclusion is the cause and effect realities way of keeping you from the magic you truly be! In this particular example if my friend had chosen to acknowledge the magic of the glasses just showing up instead of choosing to acknowledge the conclusion, the possibility of more magic would have shown up.

What you choose is what you create. If you choose the magic more of that will show up. If you choose the conclusion the more the cause and effect reality will show up.

How many of you are at the affect of cause and effect? How many of have made food the cause of all the things wrong with your body? How many of you make your choice about your life based on money? That is a cause and effect. If I had enough money I could have a life is a conclusion not a magical choice!

Just imagine now if you were only to choose the magic in every situation. What would start to show up?

We have not been taught to choose, we have been taught to choose for a reason. And that locks us into the causal reality where we get to be controlled by other peoples fad reasons of why we should buy that opinion. All the great people in the world have questioned those reasons and justifications and then chosen something different. These great people are the ones that have been called weird! I know if you are reading this you have been accused of being weird. What if weirdness was actually your tenacious capacity to seek what is true for you and not a wrongness?

So I am calling for all my weirdo friends to take out their wand of choice and start to choose for you and choose the magic you be.

Ask “If I was truly choosing my reality what would I choose?” everyday and then every time you choose, no matter how big the choice, choose the one that matches the energy of the reality you would like to create.

Good luck! I would love to here your magical stories and may be even have a cuppa with you soon to create even more magic!

Language of Gentlemen

Do you recognise that it’s totally okay to be a man? Did you know that being a man, in whatever way it shows up for you, is actually what your significant other desires and demands?

In the not too distant past, there was particular functions in society for men and women. Guys did their thing and ladies did their thing. Neither was prevailing to the other, it was just the way it was. In recent times, women have declared their freedom which in turn has given men a feeling of wrongness. That is, just due to the fact that you’re a man, you’re wrong. You’re wrong for having a male member. You’re wrong for seeking to make love. You’re wrong for having a higher income than women. You’re wrong for hanging around with the boys. You’re wrong for having hair on your body. You’re wrong for becoming a man. And, if you’re gay, you’re wrong for choosing other men.

What this has created is two-fold: (1) a distinct separation of the genders; and (2) guys feeling as though they are worthless.

When separation is developed in any group, fear, anger, jealousy and anxiety starts to set in. For what reason would we desire to create that in our connections? For what reason would we desire to create trouble in our relationships? When men have a feeling of unimportance, they often resort to addictive practices leading to relationship breakdown. For what purpose would we want to create this?

The Language of Gentlemen is an effort to create a different reality for men (and women). What we mean by this is to uncreate the separation of the sexes and the inherent sense of wrongness of being a man.

Both Andrew & Liam where participants of the original two-day class and the 12-month tele-call on The Gentlemen’s Club, of which the book is a transcription. Liam & Andrew have a wealth of experience with the transforming men into the magnificent beings they truly be.

Andrew & Liam’s target with this bookclub is to create a completely new reality for men and their partners in order that both may enjoy the wonders of manhood in whatever way it shows up for you.

Click HERE to join the Book Club

Cure the Incurable

Cure the Incurable is this just pie in the sky? Is it possible to cure the incurable? Isn’t cure the incurable an oxymoron? I am sure there are many people out there that are skeptical about how to cure the incurable. It is those very people that question the idea of how to cure the incurable that I have written this blog for.

I am one of the biggest skeptics on the planet. I will question everything and it is this very curiosity that is so refreshing about skeptics. On this blog you will find many interesting tools that when applied can give you a different possibility. If you are a true skeptic you won’t judge it, you will question it and possibly play with it to see if it works for you. Some tools and ideas may create a change, some may not.

My invitation to you is to play with all of these tools from no judgement or investment in the out come and to find out what they create for you!

Wailer of Grief

Originally I wanted to tell you what the book was about, the amazing story of using the Access tools, the sadness of dying and the joy of finding something different. The weird and wacky stuff, like past lives and entities and channeling…

But that felt so heavy. I then asked my friend Stephen Outram to ask me a question and his question was the same question that he asked when I was writing my first book Curing the Incurable: “Why did you write this book?”

The power is asking the question, the question opens doors to an infinite number of possibilities that you could never think of. As soon as Stephen asked me that I sat down and wrote this article.

I wrote this book because I am so incredibly grateful for Access Consciousness®. The tools when I apply them have totally changed my life. And when I first started Access I was literally dying! I had come to so many conclusions about healing that I could not receive any other possibility that did not match what I had already decided and was stuck in a viscous cycle of right and wrong.

I wrote this book as a story telling of all the weird stuff that occurred when I started to use the tools. Yes I have used artistic license to allow the book to flow and to add some more fun. Through out the book I refer to the tools because I want to gift the world these tools to those that want a different possibility.

That gratitude thing is so amazing the more I step in to the vulnerability of being the freedom of not holding on to the rightness of my point of view the more magic shows up for me. And that is the gift that this book ‘be’s,’ it is the account of the weird magic that shows up when you use the tools.

Hence I am gifting 20 % of the profits off all the books sold this month (October 2014) to the El Lugar project, known as “The Place” in Costa Rica. I would like to contribute to creating that as for me to have a place that is full of the space of possibilities has been my target for many lifetimes. I am just so grateful that Gary is willing to institute this!

So, will you buy the book? Will it be a contribution to you and others if you buy it? If it is, please follow this link where you can also read the prologue and first chapter for free (just click the preview button under the picture). And once you have read it if you email me your responses I would love to hear them. What energy space and consciousness can we all be that allows us to be the space of infinite possibilities?

Oh and the title, ‘Wailer of Grief’, actually came from a clearing statement that Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) gave me years ago when I was stuck in the misery of disease, it was something along the lines of; what energy space and consciousness can I be that would allow me to be the wailer of grief I truly be? I ran it for six months and my whole life changed. Woohoo so grateful, so grateful for YOU too!

Liam Phillips

Liam is an Access Consciousness facilitator and you can find out more about Liam and classes he has coming up at

Creating Connection Through Disease

We all connect in many different ways. One of those I have found is by using disease. Connecting through disease creates more reality of disease not less. This clearing loop is designed to give you more awareness of where you are connecting with others, yourself and your body through disease. Once you are aware of this then you can have a different choice.

This loop is is to be run for at least 10 days.

It will also start to change the entire reality of disease on this planet, so whether you have a disease or not by running this loop you will create more awareness on the planet and less judgment.

I am giving you this as a gift, if you would like to give money for it please buy one of my other products or send me some money through pay pal.

Just click HERE to Get the clearing loop for FREE