4 Questions To Raise More Awareness About Cancer

4 Questions To Raise More Awareness About Cancer
By Liam Phillips
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Ask anybody on the planet and they will have a point of view about cancer, whether it is breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer or any of the other 196 types of cancer. Most people have the point of view that it is a terrible thing and something that has to be fought against.

This is just my point of view, it is a little different.

What if fighting Cancer actually created more cancer reality?

One of the things that I have been increasingly aware of is that things like cancer are becoming more mainstream. It is becoming more the norm. As if disease is normal. A body in disease is not normal it is an irregularity and maybe sometimes with something that is irregular we need to look from a different point of view.

So let’s look at cancer not from fighting it or from accepting it, but from a point of view that does not require one to have a charge.

I like to use question to open doors to exploring a different possibility, this is the technique that scientists use, they must question everything and never draw a conclusion. So with cancer what if we asked 4 little questions that could give us an awareness of a different possibility?

The first question is ‘What is this?’ Then have a cup of tea. Don’t go looking for an answer, allow your brilliant mind to work on it by itself with out you trying to intervene or come to a conclusion.

The next question is ‘What do I do with this?‘ And then have another cuppa. It may be a little while before something shows up that is different.

Then ask ‘Can I change it?’ And don’t worry if it that is a ‘no’ at first. A ‘no’ is only good for 10 seconds. You can ask every day. Until a ‘yes’ comes up.

And finally you can ask ‘How can I change it?’ Once you have a ‘yes’ to changing it, this question will unlock the how. People and things will start to come in to your life that will show you a different possibility.

For all that to work with ease, you must first ask the questions and not have any preconceived idea of how that is going to show up. And second, allow things to unfold, don’t try to force things into existence this creates fighting and of course charge that will add to the power of the cancer.

This is not a cure, this is not a management, it is not a fighting against or laying down and accepting it. It is an enquiry into a different possibility, perhaps to a totally different way of perceiving life and your body.

What if Cancer was not what everybody told you it was? What if it was something different? What if cancer was an awareness that you were not yet getting?

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Symptoms of colds, secrets to unlocking them

Symptoms of Colds And The Secrets To Unlocking Them

symtoms of coldsAccording to the mayo clinic some the symptoms of colds are: Runny or stuffy nose, Itchy or sore throat, Cough, Congestion, Slight body aches or a mild headache, Sneezing, Watery eyes, Low-grade fever Mild fatigue.

You are probably aware of that already. What do you do when these symptoms start? Most people immediately come to conclusion that they are on the down hill slide to a few rotten days in bed or may be a day of work or school. What if every one of those symptoms of colds were actually an awareness your body was trying to tell you?

It has probably crossed your mind occasionally that perhaps you should be exercising more, or you should be looking after your self a bit more, that perhaps your body is trying to tell you eat more healthier foods or you should take a brake from work. This article is not about that sort of awareness. This article is about really engaging your body and asking what the symptoms are so that you become more aware. The target is awareness not trying to fix what you have already decided is wrong.

The thing with with symptoms of colds, or anything else for that matter, if you come to any sort of conclusion your body will create that for you so you can have the rightness of your point of view. Something like this “See I told you I was over worked!” or “I am terrible at sticking to a healthy diet!” or “My body has not got a strong immune system!”…

Some of you are resisting that. But truth, have a look at it, have a look at your kids, when they get the symptoms of colds, how often are they just wanting to get out of school? And remember when you did it? I remember when I was young I didn’t want to play football in the snow, so that morning I told my mum I felt hot and thought I had a fever. She brought out the thermometer as I knew she would. I also asked for a nice hot cuppa to ward of the cold. Guess what I did as my mum left the room? I stuck that thermometer in the hot tea. Don’t tell me you never used a symptom to get out of something! LOL.

But the really funny thing is how many of you then actually bought your own story and got sick even though you weren’t really?

Don’t let your kids read this! LOL.

Then there are things like adverts on the television, when cold and flu season hits they are ready to help you soldier on. They love to play on the symptoms of colds to manipulate you you into buying their product. How many of you actually buy that point of view that a cold and flu season is real? How many of have a bathroom cabinet of medications that you have bought for the cold and flu season?

What do you do when someone has symptoms of colds such as sneezing in the elevator with you. Do you avoid it? Do you hope you are not going to catch it? Do dive for cover. And if you get a little sniffle about 3 hours later do actually hope you haven’t caught that cold. If you do any of that then you are well on your way to instructing your body to create cold symptoms for you.

Here is that long awaited secret to unlocking these cold symptoms. Ask a question like “Mine or someone else’s?” For every symptom ask this. If you even get a little inkling that you are just buying the symptom as real then it ain’t yours. If the symptoms persist continue asking, you have had a whole life time of conditioning your self to what cold symptoms mean, it may take more than one question to change it.

If the symptoms of colds persists ask your body “Body what awareness are you giving me that I am not listening too?” And then wait. Don’t come to conclusion, you are talking to your body not your mind. Your mind will only give you the answers you have conditioned your self with. Keep asking. This is about building an awareness, about your body and not buying symptoms as meaning something that they are not.

Your body is amazing it does all this healing and do you ever acknowledge that. Or do you thank your doctor or the medication. It is not the doc or the medication that makes the change, it is your body, it is your body that takes the medication and does something with it, not your doctor. It is even your body that gets you to the drug store in the first place! Do you really think symptoms of colds are something that your amazing body cannot change?

So, please acknowledge your cute, sweet body and ask it to forgive you for all the conclusions you have come to and made it feel sick when perhaps it was not necessary. Good body, nice body, what would you like body? Once you get the knack of a different way of being, of asking questions and not coming to conclusion you will not ever have to suffer the symptoms of colds again. But then you are probably saying that is impossible. If that is your point of you then you are right! But if you are willing to change your point of view you may be the one that does not have to spend all that time in bed feeling like crap.

Written by Liam Phillips: Before using these tools from Access Consciousness I used to have 4-5 colds and flu’s a year. I have been cold and flu free for three years now and if I do have a symptom I will ask these questions and change it with in 10 seconds to 12 hours, with out drugs, doctors, diet or anything else.

3 Things You Can Do To Change Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There is plenty of information out there about IBD, the causes, the theories; medical, alternative, wives tales, miracle cures, diets, in fact every body seems to have their own take on it.

If you have Irritable Bowel, or Crohns or colitis you have probably looked at many of these. Some things work for and not others, some work for others not you.

Gets very confusing doesn’t it? One minute you think you have found the answer and then whack you are off to the toilet again for seemingly no apparent reason. You are following the diet, you are using the meds, you are reducing stress, you are doing all the right things, but all of a sudden … well you know what.

So lets look at the energy of people with IBD, there are a few simple things that can be done that can create a deal more ease for you and your body. Things that you can add to what ever you are already doing.

Firstly, how often when a flare occurs do actually beat yourself up for doing something wrong? What is that going to create? A fun filled day or just more angst? Give that birch branch up and stop making your self wrong, that is unless you enjoy it.

Secondly, your point of view creates your reality so be aware of what you are a saying and thinking. This works in brilliantly with the first point. If you think or say “I feel like shit,” then guess who is listening to you? Yep your right, your body hears and feels “shit” and hey presto guess what happens. Well you don’t have to guess because you know!

Thirdly, have any of you ever had a thought like “that car is going to pull out inf ront of me” or “the phone will ring” and it does. Believe it or not that is not a wrongness, that is an awareness of a possible future. Has any body ever acknowledged you as an aware being or is everybody trying to tell you what to do and how to do it and you should do their way? It can get very irritating. Funny that, since IBD is an  irritation or inflammation of the digestive tract.

May be you could ask the question “who is irritating me?” May be you’ll get answer, maybe it is you, may you won’t get answer. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you get to be more aware of how you and hence your body is functioning.

To sum, stop judging you or body as wrong, be aware that your thoughts, feelings and the words you use create your body and your reality, ask questions and always acknowledge when you are aware.

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