What if Pain were a question? Not a reality you have to have

What is pain? And how can it be changed?
How many of you have made pain a wrongness? How many of you have an answer to what pain is?
I am sure most of you are aware of  Louise L Hay’s brilliant book called ‘Heal your life’. In the back is a chart of ‘pain’ or symptoms in different parts of the body and what it means. I remember one that says lower back pain is about money issues. Now that may be true for 52% of the population, but what if you don’t fit in to that 52%? If you buy that as a fixed point of view, as ‘THE’ answer it means that if you have a lower back pain you will be looking for money matters in your life, and guess what if it is not a money matter you will be searching in vain. What if pain was a question?

What? yes, you are getting it already what if pain was a question, What if each time you had a pain you went in to question? So lets question pain, and remember what is light for you is true for in this 10 seconds what is heavy is a lie for you in this 10 seconds

What if pain was an awareness that you were not willing to receive?
What if “pain” in your body was actually the awareness of a possibility that you have not yet created?
What if the pain was not even your body’s but some body else’s?

And then there the is how can it be changed bit. What if it was not about how but about what were choosing as your life? Like in the story in the video. Now having said that I have a whole bunch of tools and processes that I would love to share with you around pain. If you would like to come and get ’em whilst they are hot, come along to the tele class. Click HERE.