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I love movies and receive lots of awareness from them, I would love to share these examples with you so that you can have more awareness too!

Temple Grandin – What is Autism?

Temple Grandin is an amazing lady. She is Autistic and has changed the world! What is autism? Is it a problem to be fixed or is it a different way of being? I am autistic myself and on some days it can be incredibly frustrating to be surrounded by so much charge. Years ago I…

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Sniffing your way to sensuality

The movie Perfume is a classic movie about the sense of smell. Many years ago during a yoga class I picked up the information that the sense of smell in people was one of the least used senses. During this movie I received the awareness that perhaps it is easy to retrain your sense of…

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Talking with Ghosts

Some times I get depressed or anxious for no reason. I’ll ask who it belongs to but sometimes it does not lighten up. So then I’ll ask is this an entity? If it is light I know it is true and I can employ tools to change things. What I love about this movie is…

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The red pill or the blue pill

Years ago when I watched this movie, the Matrix, I was all for take the red pill, take the red pill, go for the change! Today I look at this a little differently and see it as just a choice. Choice creates awareness. So you have a choice of red or blue pill, some people…

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Your Secret Life Recently I was at the movies watching Ben Stiller in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. At the end of the movie the screen faded to white, and instead of the mass exodus there was total silence and not one person moved for almost a minute! Why did this story affect so…

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