The fourth element of healing: allowance

The fourth element of healing intimacy is allowance. What is allowance? Is it going with the flow or is it perceiving everything from an interesting point of view?

Going with the flow is one of those tricky phrases that over time people have taken and used in ways to justify not choosing. You may hear people say “It just wasn’t meant to be!” Where is the choice in that?

Interesting point of view is perceiving everything with out aligning and agreeing or resiting and reacting to some thing or some one.

Most of the time we are not in allowance of our bodies especially if it is in disease or in pain. We have bought a point of view that pain or disease is wrong, that something is wrong. This takes a huge amount of energy to hold in place and is not honoring to the body. Ulimately we make our bodies wrong for pain or disease.

And then their are some of us that make ourselves wrong too, we have an awareness like “Oh my god I have been judging the hell out of my body all these years” and then we beat our selves up for doing this creating even more judgement.

Would you be willing to be in allowance of your body? Would you be willing to be in allowance of you?

If you would like to say yes to these questions then you are half way there. If you want to say yes, but a but comes up or a no, then you are still half way there, because now you are aware of the judgements you can start the process of making different choices. There are tools to assist you in this, all you have to do is ask.

If a No comes up, If you don’t want more choice, if you want to hold on to all your points of view and make your body wrong. That is totally okay with me, I am in total allowance of what ever you choose and when ever you choose it.

I had one client that started to get really sick again and she choose to ignore me, I did not react to it or align with it, I choose to be in total allowance of her. I could see the pain and suffering she was in and I knew that if I tried help her I would either align with her point of view that she was wrong and in pain or she would have resisted my help. That same lady is now totally cured. In the end she had the vulnerability to ask a question. In my allowance of her and her choices she stepped in to a new level of vulnerability and trust that she had never experienced before and in that her body started to heal

How does it get any better than that?

Access The Inspiration That YOU Be!

Today I was interviewed on the Dr pat show on US radio. As I was talking I noticed that at times I would loose track of what as what saying and I asked Pat to ask her question again. I started to feel like I was doing something wrong, that I was in some way mucking it up.

Then a question came up and I started to talk about a man named Ricky Williams, who is an ex football player in the States. I met Ricky in New Zealand this year, I had no idea who he was, I don’t follow football. but what was beautiful about this man was what he had to say. I am not going to quote him but the jist of it was that many people in his youth said that the dream was possible but he noticed that none of them were choosing it. Ricky now lives the dream and through his foundation he is inspiring kids from hellish backgrounds to know that living the dream is truly possible. Ricky doesn’t just talk about it he lives it!

That inspired me on the radio, I was talking about Ricky and I suddenly realized that the ‘ums’ and the ‘ers’ are not impotent, it is what I be that matters. That is what made the difference in the healing for me to be me. I chose to be the difference I be, I no longer chose to fit in to this reality and get it right.

What if you were willing to step up to the plate, warts and all, handicaps and all, disease and all, weight problems and all, crappy relationship and all and be, be the inspiration to others and most importantly be the inspiration to your self?

Who are the inspirational people in your life? Are you amongst your list? You should be!


Third element of Healing is vulnerability

I hear you all quaking in your boots as I mention the word vulnerability. And that is because most people have idendified this term with suffering. Most people have had some sort of experience where they have been vulnerable and then been shot to pieces when they were.

Like the time you you stepped up in class and tried something new and  the teacher tore you to shreds, or when you opened your heart to another and they made you suffer…

That’s the point of creation, where we decided that vulnerability equates to not nice things happening. The not nice things happening then becomes our justification and reason for not being vulnerable.

To deal with this we start to build a wall from our decision never to be vulnerable again and we stop being vulnerable with ourselves and our bodies.

Vulnerability is not seen in this reality, by that I mean our society, as valuable. It is often misidentified as being weak. If you buy this point of view, this too will create more walls to being vulnerable. And as vulnerability is part of natural beingness you start to cut your self off from that.

What if vulnerability actually had a power to it, what if you were to be so vulnerable with your body that you had no barriers to it. You would then feel everything the body could gift to you.

Next time an ant crawls over you, instead of flicking it off, allow it to walk across your naked skin, feel it intensely. Vulnerability is being like the open wound with out any cover on it. You can feel it intensely. Have you ever noticed how a wound can heal when you are vulnerable enough to allow it to be what it requires?

This does not mean you should go round opening you heart to strangers, or not put a dressing on a wound, what it means is to be vulnerable enough  to ask questions to yourself that you don’t want to hear the answers to, to feel your body intensely and to acknowledge where you have been less than nice to it.

I have some neat processes and tools to assist in this, but you have to be willing to ask the question.

What else is possible?


Hands up if you have breathed? I have spent much of the last 15 years learning breathing techniques, and they are a fabulous way to unleash, energy and become more present with your body.

I used to do a breathing meditation called ‘Artishas heart meditation.’ Most western psychology will ask you to breathe in love and light and breath put pain and stress. The thing with that particular breathing is that you start to breathe out more pain and sadness, etc int to the world.

Artishas heart meditation is the opposite, it asks you to breathe in the pain and suffering and breath out light and love. The idea being that you can transform anything.

My point of view is that both techniques make pain and suffering a reality at some level. Pain and suffering are not real they are creations.

So here is my technique: Breath in consciousness breath out possibilities, breathe in choice and breathe out consciousness, breathe in being and breathe out caring.

See which technique is light for you, the one that is light for you is the one that is true for you in this 10 seconds.


The difference YOU be

The difference that you be is actually what adds to this world. Your whole life you have been judged for that difference. Many people learn to cut off from their awareness, and cut off huge chunks of themselves so that they can be the same, fit in to this reality and not rock the boat. What if you were not wrong for being different? What if everything you have ever been judged for was actually the difference you be?

In this cutting off from ourselves we create dis-ease in our life and eventually it  leads to the body physically actualizing that separation as disease in the body. Your body is not wrong for this. Your body is constantly readjusting the balance of living. What we do when we cut off from our awareness and make judgement bigger than us is that the body  has to deal with all the charge that is created by that.

It is like a computer. If your were to put more charge through a computer it will slow down or blow up to deal with charge. Judgments always have a charge. If we are able to stop judgment our body can readdress the balance of living a lot easier.

Curing the Incurable is not about throwing out what works but adding tools to what is working so it works quicker and easier.

What if you were always willing to celebrate the difference you be? Would that create a different reality with you and your body

The Healing Process

Is your point of view that healing takes time? Is your point of view that other people can heal but you can’t? Is your point of view that healing is serious?

What if your point of view created the how, when and why you heal? What if you changed every fixed point of view you had bought about healing that was not working for you?

Here is a little exercise for you; get a piece of paper and write down every point of view, every belief, every feeling, every saying you have a bout healing. I’ll give you this one to start off with:

‘Time heals all wounds’

Now add to that, no matter how insane it sounds. Now take all those point of views that are not working for you and destroy and uncreate where and when ever you bought them. Do you feel lighter now or heavier? More expansive or more contractive? Lighter and more expansive right?

You are welcome to share this list on the blog

That is because any point of view that is not really working for you is a lie, it is heavy, it has a density to it. When you are operating from this density it is very difficult for your body to do what it does naturally, that is heal. If you shot for more ease, joy, possibilities, happiness, awareness, and fun you may just get a different result.

Are you demanding more?

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True Healing Comes from being YOU!

How does being you affect your body? When I am at my computer and sitting in my office with the warm cozy fire on and the wonderful smell of essential oils pervading the room, I be me. I am relaxed and happy and work for hours and hours. Sometimes I get up and have a dance, make some faces, do a silly video. Make up jokes. I just be me. How many of you are like that? Fun isn’t it. What happens then when your husband comes home, or you go to work, or go shopping. Are you still present or do you energetically go somewhere else?

This is what I used to do; I would leave my body energetically, I wold go into thought or feelings and different characters depending on the situation or the person. I was not being totally present with my body. I was not being who I be. That took an amazing amount of energy to do. My body gave me a huge awareness about that  through disease.

By being you, no matter the person or the situation, totally present with your body you have the possibility of changing dis-ease.

And by being you, you be the gift to the world. There is no other person in the world like you, would you be willing to be you? Warts and all?

For a whole range of products with tons of tools to start this process:

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CLEANSING – is it necessary?

I heard people talk about cleansing recently and one lady into yoga had done the salt cleans that I used to do and teach. After this she did a fast then she told the group of how, on the 8th day, her bowel movement smelled like pot and she had not had pot for years. She said “I thought the neighbors were smoking pot the smell was so strong!”

I bet you are going ‘wow’ about now, thinking may be you should try a cleans or a fast? What if it was not only our body that can be cleansed but also our point of view? You see your point of view creates your reality.

Interesting huh. The lady never once asked ‘who does that smell belong to?’ and yet she actually stated that she thought it was the neighbors. Was she so aware that she picked up the neighbors pot smoking and then turned that awareness to fit her reality and validate her point of view that cleansing is good for you?

Did she ever ask her body if it wanted to be cleansed? What if you could actually cleans your body just by the willing to let go of the point of view that is creating that reality for your body in the first place?

I look at things very different. What if you ask your body now “Body, what point of view am I holding on to that is destroying you?” And then destroy and uncreated everywhere you bough that point of view and ask your body to molecularly demanifest any where you have stored that point of view in your body.

And then may be your poop will smell like pot too. ha, ha.

What if Pain were a question? Not a reality you have to have

What is pain? And how can it be changed?
How many of you have made pain a wrongness? How many of you have an answer to what pain is?
I am sure most of you are aware of  Louise L Hay’s brilliant book called ‘Heal your life’. In the back is a chart of ‘pain’ or symptoms in different parts of the body and what it means. I remember one that says lower back pain is about money issues. Now that may be true for 52% of the population, but what if you don’t fit in to that 52%? If you buy that as a fixed point of view, as ‘THE’ answer it means that if you have a lower back pain you will be looking for money matters in your life, and guess what if it is not a money matter you will be searching in vain. What if pain was a question?

What? yes, you are getting it already what if pain was a question, What if each time you had a pain you went in to question? So lets question pain, and remember what is light for you is true for in this 10 seconds what is heavy is a lie for you in this 10 seconds

What if pain was an awareness that you were not willing to receive?
What if “pain” in your body was actually the awareness of a possibility that you have not yet created?
What if the pain was not even your body’s but some body else’s?

And then there the is how can it be changed bit. What if it was not about how but about what were choosing as your life? Like in the story in the video. Now having said that I have a whole bunch of tools and processes that I would love to share with you around pain. If you would like to come and get ’em whilst they are hot, come along to the tele class. Click HERE.

What are you grateful for today?

Today I woke up with such a sense of joy in my world, and as the day unfolded I became more and more aware of the gratitude that I was showing up as. I started talking about gratitude on facebook and asking questions and… Oo, I am so grateful for you contributing to this blog. I am so grateful for the ease with which word press is showing up, I am so grateful to the amazing people I work with, I am so grateful for my body and the awareness it gifts me everyday, even when I judge the hell out of it, it is always there, always gifting to me. I am even grateful blower vacs!

I have been looking at this blog for a few days now and asking what shall I write as the welcome blog? What can I contribute to these dear, sweet souls and body’s that are seeking something different. And then ‘pow, wham, kapooie’ it was GRATITUDE!

So let me ask you a question: Are you grateful for YOU?

And if you are not would you be willing to at least consider that as a possibility to start showing up in your life?

So, here is a little tool for you to use over the next 10 days, every morning before you get out of bed: ‘What and who am I grateful for today?’

And you are welcome to share your gratitude here in any way YOU desire.

PS. Have I acknowledged just how amazingly grateful I am for YOU?