Let that book out!!!

What if creating your book was a gift that would last into the future that will create a more conscious reality?

When we are willing to be something different you can receive the change you are asking for. That difference you be is the valuable product.

This 90 day program is not just about writing your book it is also about being the difference you be and creating the future you know is possible...

Are you ready to be the difference and get that book out in the world that will contribute to creating a different reality?

Ready to be you?

  • Have you always dreamed of writing a book?
  • Have you started writing a book and never finished?
  • How many books have you written in your head and never put on paper?
  • Are you living your life from an "I can't" rather than a choice?
  • Do you judge you as a terrible writer, poor speller or  grammatically challenged?
  • Has your writing been judged so much you have stopped having joy with it?
  • Have you bought the idea that writers block is real?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Are you always putting things off to the last minute?
  • Do you worry about judgements that will be projected at your book and you?

Is now the time to change all that and get your book out to the world?

A little about the program

One of the muscles that we will be building and flexing in this program as an author is developing trust... Trust in you. If this program is something you have been asking for and it is light for you then trust your awareness. Your commitment to creating your book and your life actually starts with this choice. What if you did not have to commit to me or the program but to commit to you?

We are going to bump up against things as the program unfolds, the program is designed to get you around these obstacles, using the amazing Access Consciousness tools.

  • Face book page
  • Clearing loops
  • Weekly zoom meeting for 1 hour for the 3 months
  • Daily play challenge
  • Weekly prerecorded video
  • 20 minute free facilitation with Liam

WHEN? The program will starts April 10 2017, the exact  times have not yet been set... If you are not sure as yet please register for the video series above and i will send a personal invite to the intro call on April 5.

There are no prerequisites, however, it is recommended that you take a Bars class® or get your Bars® run regularly during the program.

I am choosing this as one of the first 10 people to register at the early bird price of $990

Oops, I missed the first 10 people to register, but would still like to attend $1200

I haven't got the money now - put me on a payment plan - 4 payments of $400 each

Gratitude for Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) and Stephen Outram. They were both willing to gift of themselves with their questions and contribution that allowed Liam to start a career as an an author. Would you like to know more about those questions? click HERE.