What contribution can I be to you day? That is my gift to you – that question will take you out of the give and take universe and start to open the doors to more gifting and receiving. For more information and tools please watch the video.

The difference YOU be

The difference that you be is actually what adds to this world. Your whole life you have been judged for that difference. Many people learn to cut off from their awareness, and cut off huge chunks of themselves so that they can be the same, fit in to this reality and not rock the boat. […]

Right Weight for YOU

Posted on June 5, 2012 by liamphillips. Categories: Diet.

What is the right weight for you? What if you did not have to compare your body with other body’s? What if you could be happy with the way your body is in any 10 seconds? What if weight was a point of view and that you could change that point of view with ease? […]

The Healing Process

Is your point of view that healing takes time? Is your point of view that other people can heal but you can’t? Is your point of view that healing is serious? What if your point of view created the how, when and why you heal? What if you changed every fixed point of view you […]

Food, food, glorious food

Posted on June 4, 2012 by liamphillips. Categories: Diet.

Food choices can be very confusing. There are as many diets out there as there are days in the year. Each one of them claiming to have the answer. What if it did not need to be confusing? What if you did not have to make your body the testing ground for somebody else’s diet? […]

True Healing Comes from being YOU!

How does being you affect your body? When I am at my computer and sitting in my office with the warm cozy fire on and the wonderful smell of essential oils pervading the room, I be me. I am relaxed and happy and work for hours and hours. Sometimes I get up and have a […]

CLEANSING – is it necessary?

I heard people talk about cleansing recently and one lady into yoga had done the salt cleans that I used to do and teach. After this she did a fast then she told the group of how, on the 8th day, her bowel movement smelled like pot and she had not had pot for years. […]

What if Pain were a question? Not a reality you have to have

What is pain? And how can it be changed? How many of you have made pain a wrongness? How many of you have an answer to what pain is? I am sure most of you are aware of  Louise L Hay’s brilliant book called ‘Heal your life’. In the back is a chart of ‘pain’ […]

What are you grateful for today?

Today I woke up with such a sense of joy in my world, and as the day unfolded I became more and more aware of the gratitude that I was showing up as. I started talking about gratitude on facebook and asking questions and… Oo, I am so grateful for you contributing to this blog. […]