3 more elements of healing

Peace, calm and kindness… LET’S PLAY WITH KINDNESS… How often are yoU kind to yourself? How often are you kind to your body? Or perhaps I should ask how often are you unkind to your body? How often do you push your body, make it work harder, tell it what you think it needs, shove […]

“All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory!”

Posted on August 9, 2012 by liamphillips. Categories: Tools.

This tool is a mantra, it’s not an affirmation. This is an important distinction because it doesn’t just state the positive outcome, it invites all of life to your party. And that my friend is the good and the bad and the ugly. How much of our lives is spent avoiding all the cow pats […]

Play with your nibbles

Posted on August 9, 2012 by liamphillips. Categories: Diet.

This month I am inviting you to play with your food. Yep that’s right, most of you between  age 2-15 ( and beyond) were told to stop playing with your food, I am asking to bring that element of play back to the meal time, the shopping time, the preparation time. This may give you […]

The second element is trust

Most people when I show them how to talk with their body ask me how they can trust it. Most of the time you can totally trust your body. I mean let’s face it if you are standing in the middle of a busy road it is going to get you out of harms way, […]

Fifth element of healing is Gratitude

Gratitude is a beingness, it goes beyond human emotion. It is very expansive and when you are truly grateful you can not be in judgement. Gratitude does not require a reason or justification. Gratitude is being in total allowance of the beings in your life, that could be you, your body, another person, the planet, […]

First element of healing intimacy – honor

Intimacy is a term often used to describe the relationship between people. Usually it is mutually exclusive, that is most people have the point of view that one can only be intimate with a limited number of people. If you the being did not have this point of you may be able to perceive where […]

What are the 5 elements of healing?

The five elements of healing intimacy are; HONOR TRUST VULNERABILITY ALLOWANCE GRATITUDE Over the next 5 blogs we will explore each element in more depth, in the mean time I can tell you this; no one element is any greater than the other and none are seperate. They are all linked to gether like the […]

F*#% it I am over it!

F*#% it I am over it! Have you noticed that there is a lot of energy behind that? It’s because it is a demand. A demand is you choosing something different. Most people in this reality come across this stuff and they think “oh that’s just like Reiki or meridians or being in the now…” […]

The fourth element of healing: allowance

The fourth element of healing intimacy is allowance. What is allowance? Is it going with the flow or is it perceiving everything from an interesting point of view? Going with the flow is one of those tricky phrases that over time people have taken and used in ways to justify not choosing. You may hear […]

Access The Inspiration That YOU Be!

Today I was interviewed on the Dr pat show on US radio. As I was talking I noticed that at times I would loose track of what as what saying and I asked Pat to ask her question again. I started to feel like I was doing something wrong, that I was in some way […]

Third element of Healing is vulnerability

I hear you all quaking in your boots as I mention the word vulnerability. And that is because most people have idendified this term with suffering. Most people have had some sort of experience where they have been vulnerable and then been shot to pieces when they were. Like the time you you stepped up […]


Hands up if you have breathed? I have spent much of the last 15 years learning breathing techniques, and they are a fabulous way to unleash, energy and become more present with your body. I used to do a breathing meditation called ‘Artishas heart meditation.’ Most western psychology will ask you to breathe in love […]