Turning your Challenge into a miracle

What the hell is a challenge? According to the dictionary this is what challenge means: “An instigation or antagonisation meant to convince an individual to perform an action they otherwise would not.” Essentially it is fighting or making yourself do what it is you do not want to do! Does fighting actually work? Is it […]

Who Does This Belong Too?

Often during an introductory talk or class someone will tell me how they feel and I will ask “Who does that belong to?” There are quite a few reactions to that; from “Me of course!” to “What?” to “Oh my god, it is not mine!” Have you ever questioned if that thought or that feeling […]

Temple Grandin – What is Autism?

Temple Grandin is an amazing lady. She is Autistic and has changed the world! What is autism? Is it a problem to be fixed or is it a different way of being? I am autistic myself and on some days it can be incredibly frustrating to be surrounded by so much charge. Years ago I […]

Going beyond disease with your body

Walking with your body allows you to create more connection with your body and move beyond the shadow of disease. Mostly we have been taught to override our body and fill it with food, drugs and ideas that may not of need by your body. Did you know your body has it’s own knowing? Who […]

Going beyond disease with humour

Humour is one those capacities that are integral to going beyond disease. I have spoken with many people who have gone beyond disease and they all have a keen sense of humour. Often it is the willingness to to laugh at themselves. One of the reasons why humour works so well is that it designificantizes […]

Going beyond disease with courage

Going beyond disease with courage. What is courage? What is disease? What is beyond? For me courage is the willingness to know what is not working for you and then lowering your barriers and being totally vulnerable with what is not what we want it to be. And then making a demand of oneself to […]

Cure the Incurable

Cure the Incurable is this just pie in the sky? Is it possible to cure the incurable? Isn’t cure the incurable an oxymoron? I am sure there are many people out there that are skeptical about how to cure the incurable. It is those very people that question the idea of how to cure the […]

Wailer of Grief

Originally I wanted to tell you what the book was about, the amazing story of using the Access tools, the sadness of dying and the joy of finding something different. The weird and wacky stuff, like past lives and entities and channeling… But that felt so heavy. I then asked my friend Stephen Outram to […]

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

I notice that when I run a Foundation and Level 1 class there is often a weird energy that comes up when we get to the parts about sex. Actually when ever sex comes up in a conversation a lot of weirdness starts to show up. Perhaps you have noticed that too? Whilst sick with […]