Top 5 movies about Entities

I love a good a movie and years ago when I started Access I had a facilitator that would invite me to the movies and we would make a commitment to watch it from infinite space. Afterward we would ask each other questions about the awareness we got form the movie. For me the story […]

Voices in my Head

Have you ever been in a situation that what is coming out of your mouth is not what you real would like to say, but you seem to have no choice but to say it anyway? Have you been in that place where you can’t remember if you said or did something and you go […]

Demons Be Gone

When we talk about Demons from this realities point of view many people go slightly silly and start to make them very significant. What if Demons were not significant, what if it was easy to clear them? What if it was easy to change what they are telling you? What if you never had to […]

Truth, do you like money?

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When I was a kid I liked money, I would do anything for it. Not because it had any sense of significance but just because I liked the way I felt when I got it. My whole body would light up when I got money. My being would smile when I received money from anywhere […]

Knowing that you know

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As child we come to this planet as a “raw” infinite being and then over time we buy other peoples opinions that we are not a knowing being. One of those moments for me was when my father turned around to me and said “you don’t know, you are only 10” This is what we […]

What is a gentleman to you?

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What is a gentleman to you? In this first article, we will examine what a gentleman is to you? Is he a man that opens doors and pays for the meal? Or is he something so much more than that? What if a true gentleman was someone that opened doors to different possibilities? Whether you […]

Cause and Effect Vs Magic

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There are two realities, one is based on cause and effect and the other is based on magic. I would love to say there is a titanic war between the two of them and ask you which one will you choose. But really there is no war between good and evil, between cause and effect […]

The Effects of Entities

Introduction An entity by definition is anything that has a life force of it’s own. In this article we are going to talk about entities in terms of ghosts, that is a disembodied entity, nature spirits, demons, beings of light and the identification of these and the benefits of clearing entities. Entities can have a […]

Language of Gentlemen

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Do you recognise that it’s totally okay to be a man? Did you know that being a man, in whatever way it shows up for you, is actually what your significant other desires and demands? In the not too distant past, there was particular functions in society for men and women. Guys did their thing […]


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“I was blessed beyond when being fortunate enough to meet Liam Phillips in person at a “Being YOU changing the world class” in Mooloolaba. From that moment I was bathed in a space of such kind,caring energy and a heart and being full of generosity and the softest and most gentle touch. I recently spent […]

Turning Your Health Challenge Into A Miracle

Health and disease from this realities point of view is always a challenge. There are schools of thought that you have to do it by faith, that you have to do it through science, that you have to do it by throwing a lot of money at it, that you have to fight it. That […]