Who Does This Belong Too?

Often during an introductory talk or class someone will tell me how they feel and I will ask “Who does that belong to?” There are quite a few reactions to that; from “Me of course!” to “What?” to “Oh my god, it is not mine!”

Have you ever questioned if that thought or that feeling or that emotion is actually yours? What if you were so much more aware of other people’s thoughts and feelings than you ever gave yourself credit for?

This story really highlights just how powerful this question can be: I was shopping in a supermarket and in front of me was an elderly lady of about 90 years old. She picked up a packet of toilet paper and before she could get it into her trolley she dropped it. She looked at me and then the packet and then looked at me again and asked “Young man,” (I immediately liked her!) “Would you do me a favor and pick that up and put it into my trolley as I have a bad back!”

I don not know why I asked her, but I did… “Who does that belong to?” And she replied “My husband!”

She promptly bent over with no difficulty, picked up the toilet paper and put it in her trolley, thanked me and bid me farewell.

Just imagine if many of those aches and pains were not even yours? Holy Moley!

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