Turning your Challenge into a miracle

What the hell is a challenge? According to the dictionary this is what challenge means: “An instigation or antagonisation meant to convince an individual to perform an action they otherwise would not.”

Essentially it is fighting or making yourself do what it is you do not want to do!

Does fighting actually work? Is it about time you had more peace and ease in the method you create your life? If you are producing your life from challenge then everything needs to be challenging by definition alone.

Some people like challenge and they can dominate mountains, health issues, cash woes, but at what rate? What if you were not washed away with the pop psychology of creating from fight, difficulty and challenge but produce your life from ease? Now that would be a true miracle!

The miracle of turning your challenge into something greater is the act of alchemy. In-fact the key to a conquering a challenge is let go of any investment in the outcome.

When we have an investment in or expectation of how it has to look that will cause frustration if it doesn’t appear the means you believe it ought to and decreases the variety of possibilities.

Here is an unknown truth; many people who deal well with challenges in fact let go of any limitation prior to they set out on altering things. They are also willing to do and be what ever it takes. Many people are willing to do what ever it takes the number of people want to be what ever it takes?

Sir Richard Branson is someone in the spotlight that wants to do and be what ever it takes. Somebody that has no financial investment in the outcome and somebody who is willing to ask questions!

And that last part is of vital interest to alchemists. Without questions we can not surpass what ever has been chosen. An alchemist will certainly constantly ask questions, and lots of them, to turn a challenge into a miracle.

What if the next miracle you create is not one that is born from challenge and survival but one created by your choice? What if a miracle was something that showed up with ease?

If you are producing your life from challenge then everything has to be challenging by meaning alone.

What if you were not washed away with the pop psychology of producing from trouble, battle and challenge but create your life from ease? The miracle of turning your challenge into something higher is the act of alchemy. An alchemist will constantly ask questions, and lots of them, to turn a challenge into a miracle.

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Who Does This Belong Too?

Often during an introductory talk or class someone will tell me how they feel and I will ask “Who does that belong to?” There are quite a few reactions to that; from “Me of course!” to “What?” to “Oh my god, it is not mine!”

Have you ever questioned if that thought or that feeling or that emotion is actually yours? What if you were so much more aware of other people’s thoughts and feelings than you ever gave yourself credit for?

This story really highlights just how powerful this question can be: I was shopping in a supermarket and in front of me was an elderly lady of about 90 years old. She picked up a packet of toilet paper and before she could get it into her trolley she dropped it. She looked at me and then the packet and then looked at me again and asked “Young man,” (I immediately liked her!) “Would you do me a favor and pick that up and put it into my trolley as I have a bad back!”

I don not know why I asked her, but I did… “Who does that belong to?” And she replied “My husband!”

She promptly bent over with no difficulty, picked up the toilet paper and put it in her trolley, thanked me and bid me farewell.

Just imagine if many of those aches and pains were not even yours? Holy Moley!

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And if you have already done that perhaps you would like to leave a comment or a question here on the blog about how you used the tool…

Temple Grandin – What is Autism?

Temple Grandin is an amazing lady. She is Autistic and has changed the world! What is autism? Is it a problem to be fixed or is it a different way of being?

I am autistic myself and on some days it can be incredibly frustrating to be surrounded by so much charge. Years ago I tried to suppress this level of awareness with drugs and alcohol, self stim, being very particular with positioning items. I would judge myself as wrong as I did not think or feel like other people.

Now I know I think differently and I don’t have the same feelings as others and that is this is not wrong. As temple says in the movie “different not wrong.”

For me, knowing that I am different has allowed me to create a very different reality for myself, knowing that I am very sensitive is now a talent that I can use and not something I have to suppress.


Going beyond disease with your body

Walking with your body allows you to create more connection with your body and move beyond the shadow of disease.

Mostly we have been taught to override our body and fill it with food, drugs and ideas that may not of need by your body. Did you know your body has it’s own knowing? Who pumps your blood or digests your food, you or your body. So why don’t we ask your bodies?

Walking with your body literally means being connected, many of us leave our body, are either in front or behind it and often when things get difficult we leave our body to deal with the situation.

What could you create if you started to create more connection with your body?


Going beyond disease with humour

Humour is one those capacities that are integral to going beyond disease. I have spoken with many people who have gone beyond disease and they all have a keen sense of humour. Often it is the willingness to to laugh at themselves. One of the reasons why humour works so well is that it designificantizes the gravity of the situation.

When the body laughs it actually shakes loose the solidity of disease. When we go into depression or tears and the significance of the disease it tends to create more of that. If you are wanting to make it easier for you to go beyond you may like to watch some funny movies or read a few good jokes. What if you were willing to see the funny side of everything? What if you were to ask whats funny about this I am not getting?

Going beyond disease with courage

Going beyond disease with courage. What is courage? What is disease? What is beyond?

For me courage is the willingness to know what is not working for you and then lowering your barriers and being totally vulnerable with what is not what we want it to be. And then making a demand of oneself to do what ever it takes for something different to show up. I have met a lot of people that have gone beyond the shadow of disease, all of them have had the courage to do so.

Many people think that disease is a problem with your health, for me it is a creation born from choice. At some point a choice was made that created a dis-ease and later the body physically actualizes that choice. Your body is an amazing thing and will give you awareness all the time, sometimes that is dis-ease. But disease is not just to do with the body, you can create a disease in any area of your life, in relationship, in business, with money, with your family… Disease is not being at ease with something. It is not  wrong, just an awareness that you have not yet totally received.

Beyond is that space that goes further than the limitation of your mind and your feelings. This is where that courage comes into play, as choosing something beyond what you already know can change things dynamically!

Cure the Incurable

Cure the Incurable is this just pie in the sky? Is it possible to cure the incurable? Isn’t cure the incurable an oxymoron? I am sure there are many people out there that are skeptical about how to cure the incurable. It is those very people that question the idea of how to cure the incurable that I have written this blog for.

I am one of the biggest skeptics on the planet. I will question everything and it is this very curiosity that is so refreshing about skeptics. On this blog you will find many interesting tools that when applied can give you a different possibility. If you are a true skeptic you won’t judge it, you will question it and possibly play with it to see if it works for you. Some tools and ideas may create a change, some may not.

My invitation to you is to play with all of these tools from no judgement or investment in the out come and to find out what they create for you!

The Secret of the Red and Blue Pill

Years ago when I watched the movie, “The
Matrix”, I was all for take the red pill, take the
red pill, go for the change! Today I look at
this a little differently and see it as just a

Choice creates awareness. So, you have a
choice of the red or the blue pill. Some
people are going to choose the red pill and
others are going to choose the blue pill. The
biggest issue is when we fail to or avoid the
choice for what we would really like to create.

How many times have you chosen
something because you desired to fit in,
make a good impression or not rock the
boat? Hell, I know I did, and sometimes still
do. But now I know that a choice never
means it is set in concrete.

If you are choosing something and it is not
working for you, you can always choose
again. You never have to endure your choice
any longer! And, if you choose the blue pill sometimes it is not wrong. It is just a choice!

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4 Questions To Raise More Awareness About Cancer

4 Questions To Raise More Awareness About Cancer
By Liam Phillips
Article Word Count:


Ask anybody on the planet and they will have a point of view about cancer, whether it is breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer or any of the other 196 types of cancer. Most people have the point of view that it is a terrible thing and something that has to be fought against.

This is just my point of view, it is a little different.

What if fighting Cancer actually created more cancer reality?

One of the things that I have been increasingly aware of is that things like cancer are becoming more mainstream. It is becoming more the norm. As if disease is normal. A body in disease is not normal it is an irregularity and maybe sometimes with something that is irregular we need to look from a different point of view.

So let’s look at cancer not from fighting it or from accepting it, but from a point of view that does not require one to have a charge.

I like to use question to open doors to exploring a different possibility, this is the technique that scientists use, they must question everything and never draw a conclusion. So with cancer what if we asked 4 little questions that could give us an awareness of a different possibility?

The first question is ‘What is this?’ Then have a cup of tea. Don’t go looking for an answer, allow your brilliant mind to work on it by itself with out you trying to intervene or come to a conclusion.

The next question is ‘What do I do with this?‘ And then have another cuppa. It may be a little while before something shows up that is different.

Then ask ‘Can I change it?’ And don’t worry if it that is a ‘no’ at first. A ‘no’ is only good for 10 seconds. You can ask every day. Until a ‘yes’ comes up.

And finally you can ask ‘How can I change it?’ Once you have a ‘yes’ to changing it, this question will unlock the how. People and things will start to come in to your life that will show you a different possibility.

For all that to work with ease, you must first ask the questions and not have any preconceived idea of how that is going to show up. And second, allow things to unfold, don’t try to force things into existence this creates fighting and of course charge that will add to the power of the cancer.

This is not a cure, this is not a management, it is not a fighting against or laying down and accepting it. It is an enquiry into a different possibility, perhaps to a totally different way of perceiving life and your body.

What if Cancer was not what everybody told you it was? What if it was something different? What if cancer was an awareness that you were not yet getting?

If this has been of interest to you then please visit my web site: http://www.curingtheincurable.com and sign up for a free recording called “You are the Cure”, what have you got to loose; cancer?

Wailer of Grief

Originally I wanted to tell you what the book was about, the amazing story of using the Access tools, the sadness of dying and the joy of finding something different. The weird and wacky stuff, like past lives and entities and channeling…

But that felt so heavy. I then asked my friend Stephen Outram to ask me a question and his question was the same question that he asked when I was writing my first book Curing the Incurable: “Why did you write this book?”

The power is asking the question, the question opens doors to an infinite number of possibilities that you could never think of. As soon as Stephen asked me that I sat down and wrote this article.

I wrote this book because I am so incredibly grateful for Access Consciousness®. The tools when I apply them have totally changed my life. And when I first started Access I was literally dying! I had come to so many conclusions about healing that I could not receive any other possibility that did not match what I had already decided and was stuck in a viscous cycle of right and wrong.

I wrote this book as a story telling of all the weird stuff that occurred when I started to use the tools. Yes I have used artistic license to allow the book to flow and to add some more fun. Through out the book I refer to the tools because I want to gift the world these tools to those that want a different possibility.

That gratitude thing is so amazing the more I step in to the vulnerability of being the freedom of not holding on to the rightness of my point of view the more magic shows up for me. And that is the gift that this book ‘be’s,’ it is the account of the weird magic that shows up when you use the tools.

Hence I am gifting 20 % of the profits off all the books sold this month (October 2014) to the El Lugar project, known as “The Place” in Costa Rica. I would like to contribute to creating that as for me to have a place that is full of the space of possibilities has been my target for many lifetimes. I am just so grateful that Gary is willing to institute this!

So, will you buy the book? Will it be a contribution to you and others if you buy it? If it is, please follow this link where you can also read the prologue and first chapter for free (just click the preview button under the picture). And once you have read it if you email me your responses I would love to hear them. What energy space and consciousness can we all be that allows us to be the space of infinite possibilities?

Oh and the title, ‘Wailer of Grief’, actually came from a clearing statement that Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) gave me years ago when I was stuck in the misery of disease, it was something along the lines of; what energy space and consciousness can I be that would allow me to be the wailer of grief I truly be? I ran it for six months and my whole life changed. Woohoo so grateful, so grateful for YOU too!

Liam Phillips

Liam is an Access Consciousness facilitator and you can find out more about Liam and classes he has coming up at LiamPhillips.AccessConsciousness.com

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

I notice that when I run a Foundation and Level 1 class there is often a weird energy that comes up when we get to the parts about sex. Actually when ever sex comes up in a conversation a lot of weirdness starts to show up. Perhaps you have noticed that too?

Whilst sick with a horrendous disease I knew that there was something there about sex, sexuality, sexualness and copulation but was really totally confused about the whole thing.  I would talk to lots of therapists and people about this but could not get any clarity around this minefield of a topic.  During that sickness I concluded that if abstained from sex it would give me more energy.

It was not till I did the Access Consciousness® core classes of Bars, Foundation and Level One that I recognized that that conclusion had really locked me up and was actually creating more disease in my body.

In abstaining from sex I was cutting off a lot of energy that could have been used in creating my body and healing.  In-fact, it turned out that I had quite a few points of view about sex. One in particular was the misidentification of sex equating to copulation.

I am very cute and it took quite a few Access classes to actually start to perceive the energy of sex as the kindness, caring and nurturing that we can have with bodies. The more classes I did and the more I was willing to ask questions to Gary and Dain and other facilitators, the more I started to recognize that copulation was not really what I was shooting for (pardon the pun). What I was really desiring was more access to the energy of sexualness, more of the creational elements of sex.

It was then that I started to ask for more nurturing, kindness and caring sex to show up in my life and what showed up was pretty amazing. First of all I stopped biting my fingernails. I know that sounds weird but at one point by asking for the energy, space and consciousness of nurturing, kind and caring sex to show up I started to recognize that I had to be that for me and my own body and hence when I honored my body things began to change.

The more I stepped into the question of sex and less into conclusion, the more my life changed. Then about six months ago Rebecca came to one of my Foundation and Level One classes. She is 21 years old, sexy, bubbly and a joy to be with. During those classes I recognized that there was no weirdness coming up when we started to talk about sex. I asked her later on after a level 2/3 class with Gary and a Symphony of Possibilities class with Dain, if she we would be willing to run a tele series on sex so we could create a different possibility with people in this area.

She came up with the specialty class title of “69 Shades of Pleasure”. What if we could have more fun, more pleasure and more of us show up? What if when next time we think or talk about sex we don’t go into judgment or the wrongness of ourbodies or ourselves. What energy, space and consciousness could you and your body be that would allow you to have kind, caring and nurturing sex?

Guess what? That last question “What energy, space and consciousness could you and your body be that would allow you to have kind, caring and nurturing sex?” was exactly the question I asked to create fabulous, kind, caring and totally orgasmic sex to show up in my life!

When this started to occur I was delightfully surprised as you can imagine. But was even more fun was that I really started to get the power in just asking a question. I asked that question with absolutely no expectations, no preconceived idea of how or when it would show up, and what showed up was so much more than I could ever imagine!

What questions could you ask about sex that would create a totally different possibility? I would like to invite you to that possibility and perhaps if enough people started to question sex we could create a totally different reality one that is perhaps more nurturing, kind and caring!

To finish up I would like to give you some home play. Here it is – Use that question above and go forth and have lots of kind, caring, nurturing sex. Now that is my type of homework!

Liam Phillips (CFMW) is a certified Access Consciousness facilitator and Founder and author of Curing the Incurable

You can contact Liam at www.LiamPhillips.AccessConsciousness.com