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Adventurer into Consciuousness


For my Birthday this year I was diagnosed with cancer. It was the greatest gift. I can assure you that it did not feel like that at the time! I got caught up in the medical reality and I became ever more depressed. The day before I quite radiation therapy was the day I allowed myself to receive totally from everything and chose to live.

Things changed very dynamically after that. I love down hill mountain biking as you can see from my photo, so I bought an amazing new bike. At this point I barley had the energy to stay awake for more than hour, I could not move my neck, I had lost my taste and and had no saliva. It may have seemed a crazy choice for many.

Over the coming weeks I started to make more and more of those crazy choices and I created a class called "honoring you with money", the tools that I used in that were the tools that I was using to create more enthusiasm, joy and healing.

Yes, I had some tough days, but I kept going, choosing to honor me in every way I could. I ended up going for a skiing trip in Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. On the last day on my way out of town I looked at a unit and said to myself "I would love to live in something like that, in a place like this.


I was living in that very unit with in two weeks.

This is obviously not my first web site, but it is a new creation! Everything I had wanted to created I started to pour in to this web site. Since that day that I chose to live, I had so much vitality and enthusiasm and joy that I started to mountain bike every day, learn Japanese, build this site, create ebooks, create courses, attend online classes myself, create a diet that worked for my body.

I started sleeping only 6 hours a day instead 14 and the joy that I am being is so intense at times I now just sit in the sun loving being alive.

With this new journey into consciousness I wanted to create a portal where other people could have access to the joy they be and empower them with the tools to do that. I have chosen to change my pricing of private sessions, make all my product one set price, create a bunch of free online classes that will give people the beginning tools to create their lives. These free classes are now prerequisites for the more advanced classes.

I truly hope you enjoy this web site and the tools here and create a phenomenal like of your own design. Maybe you'll see me on my bike sometime!




"I do the meditation every day (in this case I sleep better). Joy doesn't leave me anymore, I make choices that honor me..."

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— Angela

"Woke up this morning thinking how good my life is and reflected it was September 2014 - 4 years ago when I first met you at the mind body spirit expo. My life has changed dramatically since our meeting. Thank you for being part of my life and your contribution to the change."

— Bevan James
New Zealand

"I started listening to the “No problems only possibilities” show in the mornings and it has been a wonderful contribution for getting my head out of my ass! Thank you Liam!"

— Anastasia