Voices in my Head

Have you ever been in a situation that what is coming out of your mouth is not what you real would like to say, but you seem to have no choice but to say it anyway? Have you been in that place where you can’t remember if you said or did something and you go to the wrongness of you? Or have you started to think that people are ganging up on you or wondering if people are being mean to you? Believe me when I say I know what that’s like!

When this was going on in my life, I even separated from the very people that really had my back, and I kinda of knew I was doing that but I kinda of didn’t too. I would become rageful and paranoid and started to reach for things like booze or become so depressed I could not get out of bed. My relationships started to diminish, I became bored with life, suicidal thoughts increased and my happiness would only come out in manic bursts.

Not much fun!!!

But if you are experiencing any of this or if you work with people like this, or have family like this then you are in luck!

Many of the symptoms above from this realities point of view are often labelled as mental disorders, but what if they were symptoms of just an unacknowledged capacity with entities?

What do I mean by that? Well let’s say you are depressed and you are looking out of the window of your flat on the sixth floor and you hear in your head “I want to commit suicide.” What if that is not your thought? What if all the associated feelings and thoughts that you have when depressed are not yours but entities whispering to you? Many people with so called mental disorders, such as depression, paranoid schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, bi – polar and borderline personality, often talk about hearing voices in their head. What if that was not a wrongness but actually one of the unacknowledged capacities of being able to receive entities.

I am not saying that is a truism for everybody. We have to be willing to stay in the question so we can find out what is true for each individual. For me, personally, I have seen hundreds of people, including myself, learn to acknowledge these capacities and learn how to manage and clear entities and their entire lives change… And if I dare say, actually become happy!

What if pigeonholing people with labels was part of the disease? I have heard Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness® say that “Definition by definition alone is a limitation.”  If we buy the definition that we are mentally depressed we tend to grow into that label, it can be a self-full-filling prophecy that keeps us limited.

My invitation to you, if you hear voices in your head, have been diagnosed with a mental disorder or live or work with people with this label, is to ask a question… A simple question like “Is there an entity here?” can give you an awareness that can direct you to a whole new world.

As Shannon O’Hara, founder of Talk to the Entities says “Let’s educate, not medicate.” With more information, tools and awareness, what if we could start our amazing journey with changing mental disorders and acknowledging our amazing capacities with entities?

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