4 Questions To Raise More Awareness About Cancer

4 Questions To Raise More Awareness About Cancer
By Liam Phillips
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Ask anybody on the planet and they will have a point of view about cancer, whether it is breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer or any of the other 196 types of cancer. Most people have the point of view that it is a terrible thing and something that has to be fought against.

This is just my point of view, it is a little different.

What if fighting Cancer actually created more cancer reality?

One of the things that I have been increasingly aware of is that things like cancer are becoming more mainstream. It is becoming more the norm. As if disease is normal. A body in disease is not normal it is an irregularity and maybe sometimes with something that is irregular we need to look from a different point of view.

So let’s look at cancer not from fighting it or from accepting it, but from a point of view that does not require one to have a charge.

I like to use question to open doors to exploring a different possibility, this is the technique that scientists use, they must question everything and never draw a conclusion. So with cancer what if we asked 4 little questions that could give us an awareness of a different possibility?

The first question is ‘What is this?’ Then have a cup of tea. Don’t go looking for an answer, allow your brilliant mind to work on it by itself with out you trying to intervene or come to a conclusion.

The next question is ‘What do I do with this?‘ And then have another cuppa. It may be a little while before something shows up that is different.

Then ask ‘Can I change it?’ And don’t worry if it that is a ‘no’ at first. A ‘no’ is only good for 10 seconds. You can ask every day. Until a ‘yes’ comes up.

And finally you can ask ‘How can I change it?’ Once you have a ‘yes’ to changing it, this question will unlock the how. People and things will start to come in to your life that will show you a different possibility.

For all that to work with ease, you must first ask the questions and not have any preconceived idea of how that is going to show up. And second, allow things to unfold, don’t try to force things into existence this creates fighting and of course charge that will add to the power of the cancer.

This is not a cure, this is not a management, it is not a fighting against or laying down and accepting it. It is an enquiry into a different possibility, perhaps to a totally different way of perceiving life and your body.

What if Cancer was not what everybody told you it was? What if it was something different? What if cancer was an awareness that you were not yet getting?

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