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During my darkest hour I was 24 hours from death when I was given an amazing gift from a beautiful woman that allowed me to find the magical tools of Access Consciousness™. She opened a door that invited me to step into what I had been seeking all my life. That door way for me has lead to more consciousness, more joy, more fun more, more healing with bodies and the willingness to be a gentleman and open the doors of possibility for others. Today I travel the world opening doors for people where ever I can and inviting them to be more of themselves. I am very selfish as this brings me great joy when I see people smile when they recognise that they are the gift that they have been searching for and that their bodies are actually these beautiful magic wands that love to be turned on to create more miracles in the world. Have you always know that you are different? Is now the time to acknowledge your difference and create a world that you desire? I would love to invite you to opening that door of possibility with you.

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Liam is a lovely, gentle, creative, on the edge, sneaky facilitator.
Sneaky 'cuz his knowing goes right to the hidden keys of what you require to unlock & to be free of your issue...
if you are willing to make a demand and truly choose it. He's also fun, funny, & light which has made the Beyond Diet Series so Awesome for me & my Body and my amazing, vulnerable co-participants. Change has begun and continues... Thank You Liam!
Gloria R.
-- Gloria R, Canada

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