Reality and World Changing Coaching!


Classes are a fun way to bust out and reclaim you, your health or launch your business beyond the drudgery. Liam Follows the energy so no class is ever the same!

Private Sessions

Many people choose a private session to clear the big bad thing that is limiting and create more space to create a totally different reality


It great to snuggle up at the end of the day with a reality changing book or squeeze more into your life with a recording whilst traveling to work


I ask this question every day "What will it take for to day to be a reality and world changing day?" This is where I speak from.

Are You Ready For Something Different?

Have you always known that you are different?  Do you know that there is something greater? Liam uses the tools and processes from Access Consciousness®  to empower you to create more awareness for YOU and more communion with your body, phenomenal business and better relationships.


What if you had a choice in front of you right now. On one hand you can believe that life is hard and that the body succumbs to disease, that you have to believe what others say without question. And on the other hand you have the choice of a life that was full of ease, that disease may be some sort of awareness, that you don’t have to believe what other people tell you. Which is lighter for you? What if you were to be you, know matter what. What would that create?

A life without dis-ease. Is this Possible?

Featured Product

You can purchase the book, Curing the Incurable HERE

Customer Testimonials

Liam is a lovely, gentle, creative, on the edge, sneaky facilitator.
Sneaky 'cuz his knowing goes right to the hidden keys of what you require to unlock & to be free of your issue...
if you are willing to make a demand and truly choose it. He's also fun, funny, & light which has made the Beyond Diet Series so Awesome for me & my Body and my amazing, vulnerable co-participants. Change has begun and continues... Thank You Liam!
Gloria R.
-- Gloria R, Canada

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